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    Joey Delgado- EMS Application

    Name: Joey Delgado Age:16 Steam 64UID: 76561198821825381 Timezone: EST/ NA Discord ID: RYAN#5645 Questions about yourself: How many hours a week will you be able to play as an KMD EMS member: I could play minimum of 10-15 hours a week. What is the reason you decided to apply to become a KMD EMS member (100 words minimum): I am applying because I am looking for a new job and enjoy the medical career pathway. I want to join the EMS because I want to help other people around me,to interact with more people and not get in a gun fight or get robbed. But, the main thing I want is to be there in the time of need and just provide a helping hand to anyone who needs one, whether it be someone needing CPR or providing welfare checkups on inmates in DOC. Do you have any previous experience as an EMS member: Yes I was EMS on Arma-life, eventually moved to Fire Rescue. What qualities should a good EMS member have according to you (50 words minimum): A good EMT is a person that is understanding of the public needs and wants and does everything in their power to help provide to the community. They are good works who do everything in their power to fix the communities medical and safety issues as well as to provide a healthy well done community standard for living. They are quick but steady in their work, they work to save patients to the best of their abilities, provide the most care possible in any given situation, and to show honor within there department. Medics are always working tirelessly and on call to ensure the good health of the Kamdan community. Why do you think you fit the role of an KMD EMS member (50 words minimum): I believe I fit well into the KMD EMS department because of my prior experience as well as drive to constantly provide aid within the community of Kamdan. I am also very knowledgeable about the laws as well as good communication with all civilians, other EMS, or the PD. I will do my best to go out of my way to help anyone who requires medical attention. Do you understand your application can be denied for lack of effort (yes/no): Yes
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