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    I know it's not my place to speak on the matter anymore unless asked too, but for transparency the gap between the clips has no effect on the situation, I was walking over to their vehicle from the gun store to try and stop them robbing the cop, but I never got to say anything. But I'd also like to point out (though he did as suggested by the Staff member handling the case) he starts this video 30 seconds after having shot at us at gas station and around a minute after initiating on us. If the rule is 10 minutes after the last shot of a situation and he obviously has the recording, why not show the 10 minutes? Edit: Also why was the situation explained as, We drove a stolen car and a guy said hands up hands up we asked or what and he started shooting he killed me and kirk, When clearly the situation had little to do with the stolen vehicle and the situation had a lot more depth too it having been at least a 5 minute altercation.
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    Tony Alphonse Report

    Odd how he found only 56 seconds would suffice for a report when he'd been following us for the last 4 minutes in his car, having s1'd us twice not a minute or two before I started to tell them hands up. Other than that, 5 minutes before they robbed the gas station, and we drove by and they told us to leave or be shot, then fired pistol rounds at and near our vehicle as I looked for a better spot to set up to defend myself. After successfully robbing the gas station they followed us on our way to the gun store so my other friend could buy a gun, and they S1'd us twice on the way there. After they moved in on my friend stuck in the gun store I gave one of them the chance to put his hands up because he was repairing (I didn't say or die because as far as I was concerned we were still engaged from the prior altercation), in which he pulled his weapon and ran for cover so I shot both of them. If you need video proof, I can ask either of my friends if they have any, as for myself I wasn't recording at the time. Edit: Plus, randomly he started after shooting the AFK cop behind gun store, and it's real odd how he's following our car the entire time, but doesn't want to show that in his video.
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