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  1. Jack Pott

    Do Not Disturb Gang Recruitment (Official)

    In game Name: Jack Pott Discord Name (ex. Nick#2452): Alltistic#5712 Hours in Arma 3: 238 hrs, only recently transferred from Arma 2 Region & Timezones: AU GMT+11 Steam 64 ID: 76561198087218544 Age: 18 Are you currently Police or EMS: No Why would you want to join DND: I want to be able to play with an active group of people to do major crimes and other events. Additionally, having been a member of UN and having many interactions with DND I have enjoyed my time with them and feel as if they are a very friendly and capable gang. What skills do you do you have that will be helpful to us: I am a decent pilot and am not bad at shooting too.
  2. Application @Gonzo Gazorpazorp Full Name - Jack Pott Age (16 minimum) - 18 Region -Australia Why would you like to join the Uncoordinated? - I would like to join the Uncoordinated as I am still quite new to the server and would like to be able to play with a group of individuals who are good at roleplay and active to do major crimes, mafia bases etc. Also, from those who I have met occasionally in game I think the gang is very friendly, easy to talk to and overall my experience with them has been enjoyable. What can you bring to the gang? - I am a decent pilot and can help out with gang rosters and other documents if needed, have some experience writing sop's and documents in for Arma 2 island life. How many days have you been on the island? - I have been on the island for about 5 days, however I have been quite active. What are your strengths or weaknesses? - I think my strengths are that I am a quick learner and disciplined, good pilot, however not the best at driving Do you acknowledge and respect the authority of high ranking officers inside the gang and why? - Yes I do, having played many hours in several rp servers I understand that ranking is vital to the functioning of any organisation as high ranking officers often are able to guide those in lower ranks. How many hours do you have on Arma 3? - I only have 206 hours currently, as I have only recently started Arma 3 after taking a break from Arma 2 island life. How active will you be? - I will be quite active for the next few weeks, however I do have some commitments at the end of the year that might limit how much I can be on. Do you have any current gang affiliations? - No I do not. Do you understand that in our gang we hold rules and guidelines that must be followed? - Yes I do. Do you understand that in our gang we uphold all the rules that Anzus has in place? - Of course. Paste your steam account here: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198087218544/ Paste your Discord ID here: Alltistic#5712
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