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Dominic Salvatore

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  1. Dominic Salvatore

    Kings County 3.6.0 [Fresh economy, New majors]

    Gambling? Say less.
  2. Dominic Salvatore

    Commend a Guardsman

    https://forms.gle/WENQ2H9LKCMoCNuH8 Use this form to commend a Guardsman for their actions. By doing this, you'll assist that Guardsman for their actions, as CG Command will look at this when considering people for promotions and awards. If you have any questions, please message any members of Coast Guard command on either TeamSpeak or Discord.
  3. This is open to all those who wish to make a complaint against a Guardsman. Please submit the their name(s), your name, contact information, and evidence along with all other data requested in this form. Coast Guard Investigative Services (CGIS) will look into it for you. Complaint Form: https://forms.gle/9UD9V1Wkxj9co3VFA
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