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  1. Jarle Jinping

    Trade - Mafia & Cartel

    ye true
  2. Jarle Jinping

    Trade - Mafia & Cartel

    Oh yes, that makes it alot better!! 🙂
  3. Jarle Jinping

    Trade - Mafia & Cartel

    Can we somehow incourage trade between the mafia and the cartel. The cartel can maybe drive to different locations on the map where they have to build the guns. All places give a different part of the gun, now the guns they get are not gonna be useable, but they can sell them to the Mafia. This encourages trade between the 2 factions and creates a whole new roleplay. Then the Mafia must go to different locations on the map where they have to sell the guns. They can only sell 1 gun at a time, so they have to drive trough alot of the map. The Cartel can also sell other stuff, maybe perks. Like the Mafia have to do something to finish the clan tree, maybe something like: (Get 10 cartel guns). And the cartel maybe needs something like: (Finish a succsessful trade with the mafia).
  4. Jarle Jinping

    VIP Kidnapping

    Ye, iam just saying what iam think. Feel free to change it however you want
  5. Jarle Jinping

    Water Planes & Cargo

    Idea: Add planes that can hold cargo and land on the water. Detailed Idea: Planes now doesnt have alot of function, but they can have. We can add a large box you can buy for like 200k, that you can attach to planes. The reason I say 200k is because this will make it easier to make money doing oil and other stuff on the ocean, so you gotta risk more as well. If you add planes it will have alot of more function in farming. The water planes that we can buy also should not have any cargo, because then it will be way to easy. Reason: More people will buy planes and the planes will have more functions in the game.
  6. Jarle Jinping

    Hunting Grounds

    I dont know alot about servers, but couldent this cause alot of lag with alot of entities running around.
  7. Jarle Jinping

    VIP Kidnapping

    Title of the Event: VIP Kidnapping What type of event are you suggesting? A business man or an president comming in with a plane to the city, or just a person of importance. This opens up new roleplay opportunites, kidnapping, negotiation, and attack and defend, and strategic planning, and possibly gang war for the victim. What iam thinking, the VIP can land on the airfield, get escorted by a car (the escort has to contain 4 police officers) to a building (you can choose if the building location is gonna be secret or not, this makes it like people have to watch the convoy). Inside the building it can be 2-4 police officers guarding this VIP, nd they can just stay AFK until someone attacks, if noone has attacked in 30 minutes he can be escorted back, but this time he is only escorted back with 2 police officers guarding him. The reason its 4 guards escorting him to the building and inside the building is because now the players have a chose. Do they want to attack the VIP towards the building, where it will be 4 guard? Inside the building where there is 4 guards, but the person is more trapped? Maybe they want to attack the person going to the airport, but now they have a smaller timeframe. When they get the person the police should stay way, because this is an VIP. You do not want the criminals to kill him, and it gets sent an negotiator and the criminals can possibly walk away with a million dollars. What services will be required (EMS, KSP): The services that will be mostly required is SWAT, or more realistically: The Secret Service. Brief Description: A VIP that can be kidnapped and ransomed for money.
  8. Accepted -- Check your PM's.
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