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Paul Calden

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  1. Paul Calden

    USCG application: Andy Rankin

    @Steve Reed
  2. Paul Calden

    Cole Snow USCG APP

    Denied Hello @Cole Snow your application has been denied, for the following reason: Applications are closed You may reapply when applications reopen Sincerely, Paul Calden
  3. Paul Calden

    Kings County 3.0.1 Hotfix

    Both Cutters broken we can't enter the driver seats or gunner seats & USCG Heli missing the batch to pick people up from water + nobody can jump into the heli from the water. Posted it in bug reports! Hope we can see this fixed when you guys get some time <3. Other then that good job! Looks well.
  4. Paul Calden

    Kings County: 3.0 Information and Release Date.

    Pog! Finally! You guys have worked hard we appreciate you guys. SMT & Dev team and also the Anzus community itself for being strong and waiting for this release date!
  5. Paul Calden

    ANZUSGaming 3.0 Full Trailer

    Pog. I hate you Doug for stopping me from prosecuting @Paul Phantom But pog
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