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  1. Derek Lyman

    One Issue - One Solution

    Exactly, why didn't they just pepper spray his foot? police brutality smh.
  2. Derek Lyman

    One Issue - One Solution

    The issue: Police can be very limited in their use of force against suspects, and it leads to them (and civilians in general) being taken hostage, injured, or killed. My solution: Remove the force matching rule. If you intentionally go up to DOC with a glock and start shooting at them, then just like Murray, you get what you fucking deserve. Because most officers have their class 3 out when on patrol or at DOC, they don't have time to switch to a class 1 when being fired at by somebody else with a class 1. Also, gangs can simply have one of their members initiate with a pistol, and while most officers have switched to their handguns, the rest of the gang starts firing with their class 3's and we are damn near powerless to stop them. It shouldn't matter what class of weapon the suspect(s) are using. Lethal force is lethal force, no matter what caliber, and we should be able to respond with whatever we have at our disposal to stop a deadly threat. It's not about being frag-hungry or trigger-happy, we just want to defend ourselves properly without this arbitrary force matching system in place.
  3. Awesome! Will be a lot more interesting guarding DOC with new trash cans.
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