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Coyote Sulzberger

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  1. Coyote Sulzberger


    RIP my Tonka truck i want it back... @Doug Jumper
  2. Coyote Sulzberger

    One Issue - One Solution

    Idk if its allowed to do two but if any of them gets looked at this should be the one The issue: To many players who are AFK/ Farming paychecks on cop/emsMy solution: Create a system that automatically kicks anyone who has been stationary or in the loading screen taking up a slot for over 20 mins. This would prevent people from farming paychecks on cop/ems and make it so it frees up slots for people who are trying to connect during prime times.
  3. Coyote Sulzberger

    One Issue - One Solution

    Maybe move National from the biggest and most laggy city to a less populated area similar to how it was in 2.0
  4. Coyote Sulzberger

    One Issue - One Solution

    Maybe a different approach on the reserved slots The issue: To many reserved slots/Not a good systemMy solution: Allow reserved slots to start being taken when server is full, or make it so reserved slots get filled by people w/ reserved slots and allow 125 not reserve slot players. Idk if that makes sense but I hope it does.
  5. Coyote Sulzberger

    Gang Wars

    Gang name: Notorious GangstersGang Leader Name/64 ID: Coyote Sulzberger / Uniform (In-Game Name of Headgear, Clothing & Vest you'll be using as your uniform): Clothing - Training Uniform Black(Gloves) - Vest - [AG] Plate carrier 7 - Backpack - Invisible backpack - Member 1 Name/64 ID: Coyote Sulzberger 76561198061501509 Member 2 Name/64 ID: Michael Johnson: 76561198093864253 Member 3 Name/64 ID: Tofu Sulzberger: 76561198278628007 Member 4 Name/64 ID: Bill Sulzberger: 76561198136034342 Member 5 Name/64 ID: Charon Sulzberger: 76561198147268658 Member 6 Name/64 ID: Elias Wowogandi: 76561198157259035 Member 7 Name/64 ID: Logan Foster: 76561198872557169 Member 8 Name/64 ID: Keith Sulzberger: 76561198169156620 member 9: Name/64 ID: Mason Sizzy: 76561198872557169
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