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Trick Sanchez

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  1. Trick Sanchez

    New Trial Major Crime Ruleset

    I can see adding more fun to the majors 🤓
  2. Trick Sanchez

    Kings County 3.9 [BIGGEST UPDATE SINCE 3.0]

    @Atlas Winter , your skills as a uniform dev have come very far. Thanks for the Winter Hill uni
  3. 264 Good Luck everyone 😎
  4. Trick Sanchez

    Past few days

    Patience leads to reward! Thanks Doug🤓
  5. Trick Sanchez

    Doug Jumper Stream Sponsored Giveaway [Yacht]

    236 GL everyone
  6. Trick Sanchez

    Kings County 3.0.1 Hotfix

    Everything looks like it's coming along just fine! 😁
  7. Trick Sanchez

    Kings County: 3.0 IS HERE!

    Been waiting for this moment 🙂
  8. Thank you for the update sir Looks super good *_*
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