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  1. Jayden Shepard

    [Community Vote] Wipe?

    If all the new systems listed above(though even as a cop...and CID at that, I say 100% alert rate is too much), work very well and aren’t buggy then I say go for it and thats coming from someone who has pretty much all the money I’ll ever need, and almost every perk I’d need. Took me a long time to get where I am now, but I can see in general, people have pretty much everything and there’s no excitement anymore for people who have it all. However this is only my stance if the scripts and systems mentioned in this update WORK and are polished...If they Aren’t, then my answer is no to both a wipe and implementing the new systems. If they do work completely however, then i’m all for it. In a couple months this no excitement thing will be even worse. Also people who are somewhat newish who have grinded to get what they have and are against a wipe...theres gonna be a wipe regardless, so better to have it now before you've invested even more if that's how you feel. Overall I feel a money and maybe a garage wipe is more than enough. XP wipe could be kinda bad. if this isn’t mechanically possible? Then have 3x XP for several days maybe after this wipe. (BTW-I did have to grind as a civ quite a bit to get where I am, I didn’t just play cop. I say that before people wanna go and assume.)
  2. Jayden Shepard


    (Final Video is not able to be used as evidence of anything, obviously. I don't know who the people in the video are. It was sent in by an anonymous source They're probably not even real detectives.)
  3. Pog, this is important work. Fixing bugs should always come first imo before new content. Really good work dev team, cheers.
  4. Agreed, DOC needs better barriers especially if its going to have two entrances now. Looks pretty pog, and I like the idea but its a lot harder to defend the entrance now. Adequate cover is a must.
  5. My god you cheeky bastards have been holding out on us! POG
  6. Jayden Shepard

    One Issue - One Solution

    CUP things look and sound like absolute garbage, no thanks.
  7. Jayden Shepard

    One Issue - One Solution

    I always try and wait for EMS but sometimes they are across the map or take way longer than they say and Ive had cops bleed out because of this. So at this point if I feel like thats starting to happen I will rev them rather than let them bleed out. Its basically fail RP for a cop to willingly let a fellow officer bleed out when they have the means to save them. There's also the fact that additional gang members may have been driving there to respond as backup so having some cops up while its code 4 before that pops off kinda makes a big difference. Civs have no restrictions for revving their friends or anyone for that matter, so its unreasonable to place a black and white rule on us regarding this. However, with that being said, I do agree that officers should always try and get EMS first and if its taking too long, or you have reason to believe reinforcements may be coming, or any other factors that put your life in danger, or will mean the officers wont be revved, try asking them on freq for permission to rev so they dont bleed out. Ive seen them pretty much always say yes when I do. This avoids tensions.
  8. Jayden Shepard

    One Issue - One Solution

    You are allowed to open carry already(it just doesn't show due to arma restrictions if you don't have a vest that has a holster)... The only thing you aren’t allowed to open carry is illegal firearms lol
  9. Jayden Shepard

    One Issue - One Solution

    That’s VDM/destroying someone’s vehicle intentionally which is against the written rules, report them for it and get comp.
  10. Jayden Shepard

    One Issue - One Solution

    Its already our SOP lol, but there are situations where it doesn’t make sense to religiously follow such as if you have a class 3 out and someone pulls a pistol on you, etc...its basically NVLR to take the time to switch to your pistol at that point. Whether to save your own life or another officer, etc.
  11. Jayden Shepard

    The car change vote [D3S or Ivory/HL]

    That sounds pretty good, is it possible to keep them as hotkeys like they are without causing lag? I’d take scroll wheel but would rather avoid using it as the scroll wheel takes time and requires you to actually stop and focus on it while driving compared to just hitting 3 keys to switch your codes. It’s also just clunky to use under any stress/tension sometimes.
  12. Jayden Shepard

    The car change vote [D3S or Ivory/HL]

    I think there needs to be a compromise with the scripts on the PD cars removing them entirely will make cop gameplay sleeper af. The car scripts are the only thing that has really been better or changed for cop gameplay so far in 3.0 as Class 3s are so accessible to have constantly within a week to anyone who grinds even a little so pistol play was dead pretty fast. Whether we change to DS3 or not, I think at minimum the Code 1, Code 2, Code 3 and Takedown/instant turning on and off of the sirens should be kept. I also think the unmarked DS3 cop cars looked sorta crappy and were REALLY obvious to civs compared to the Ivory ones. People could recognize an unmarked car’s light bar pretty easily whereas the unmarked Ivory cars are much subtler in comparison(Not sure if its possible to look into this and possibly request customized DS3 models if some cops are willing to donate to cover the costs or something? I know that I would be willing to donate for something like that.)
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