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  1. General Information: Name: Andrew Scott Age: 20 Date of Birth: 15/12/1999 Timezone: GMT Applicant Questions: Do you have any prior experience in Milsim?: No Do you have past experience with ACE Medical, or are you requesting additional help? Requesting additional help. Why do you want to become a Combat Medic? [25 Word Minimum]: Being apart of the Arma 3 life scene for many years now I would like to start trying out new things. I have looked into joining a Milsim prior to this however never got round to do doing it. As for specifically wanting to be a combat medic I feel this would be the best role for myself as I understand how important and crucial this role is to a squad, also the constant problem solving while working under a significant amount of pressure is something I enjoy along with the role being very interesting and diverse makes it very appealing to me. Have you applied for any other roles?: No How long have you been part of ANZUSGaming and have you ever been banned?: About 1 year, never been banned.
  2. Andy Scott

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