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Peter Clark

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  1. I love this new update! I'm going to shove as many items into this "prison pocket" as possible while I'm manning DOC!
  2. Peter Clark

    Tommy Sparrows - Re-Enlistment

    Please contact me on discord Peter Clark#6680 nevermind i accepted this dude awhile ago and am losing my mind.
  3. Peter Clark

    Lachlan Mckenzie | blacklist appel

    Denied - you may appeal to SDAC however your blacklist is an unappealable blacklist and I will not be overturning the decision. https://www.anzus.life/forum/1062-senate-disciplinary-appeal-committe/
  4. Peter Clark

    John Taylor - Re-enlistment

    Accepted as cadet - Dm me on discord Peter Clark#6680
  5. Peter Clark

    Auzzie Woods - Re-Enlist Application

    No shot - denied
  6. Peter Clark

    Trick Sanchez's Traffic Ticket Appeal

    Drop these charges please I'll be speaking to the deputies involved.
  7. Los Diablos Sheriff's Office Re-Enlistment Application Re-Enlistment will be open for indefinitely starting 7/23/2021 Must have been in PD in last year Name: Previous Rank Senior Deputy+: Previous Department: When did you discharge?: Reason for leaving/discharging: Steam 64 ID: Signature: NOTICE: Your application for re-enlistment may be denied for any reason seen fit by command, depending on why you were discharged and your previous employment in the Los Diablos Sheriff's Office or its counterparts. You may be expected to repeat common trainings to refresh your law enforcement abilities. You may NOT be a current member of the LDRS or Coast Guard factions when applying
  8. Peter Clark


    I think yes for all is the best experience the server has to offer. Especially a good ol wipe
  9. Peter Clark

    Kyle Cold - Payment request

    Noted Kyle I’ll be messaging you through discord
  10. Wow I can't wait to watch a movie with my friends!
  11. Peter Clark

    4.0 full release information/details etc

    Yeet, can't wait
  12. Peter Clark

    Events, Purge, 4.0 and a few other things

    Let the annual purge commence
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