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Alex Hinkley

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  1. Alex Hinkley

    Looking for 5 official companies

    @Harvey Armstrong - this is somewhat what I had already planned for the radio station, working with a certain set of tools to actually facilitate this as well as having a content creation team which is tasked with creating clips, advertisements, etc to interlace so that it isn't just purely music.
  2. Alex Hinkley

    Looking for 5 official companies

    Name: Paradise Signal FMNumber of Members: 5 (looking for trusted members, have interest already)Company Type: Radio StationCompany Roleplay Story: We are a radio station with a passion for serving high quality curated selections of music to the communities that surround us whilst also taking the opportunity to provide fair advertisement opportunities for other factions, corporations and collectives. We would also be working in collaboration with the news outlets to provide live coverage for events, announcements and other broadcast worthy snippets. We believe that through the collection of services we could bring a refreshing addition to the island. Discord: https://discord.gg/UCy7Rjn (not fully configured yet)Hours able to dedicate per week: 10+ personally, however I'm sure each person would be able to stack onto that.Official Documentation (roster and docs required, can have recruitment video etc. as well): Mission statement: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KexzGylcNTzQKtAczWUkSX75HxqppviIffaf6Jb_WTU/edit?usp=sharing Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fzOKDGbLl7FHU55Kt5I-HCNVolnuk0pxXh40CMWd2Ko/edit?usp=sharing To provide some further out of character context, I have worked in the background of streams and podcasts in a production role as well as operated professional online radio broadcast avenues previously, to which I feel has given me quite a few skills to pull off a high quality service to the community.
  3. Alex Hinkley

    Throwback Time! Australia Life Popup Server?

    I like the idea, I feel like we should use the current rule set though otherwise I can see incidents where new players may forget among other reasons.
  4. Alex Hinkley

    ANZUSGaming Kings County Stats Page

    I have an issue raised and assigned to me on git to fix that, it got broken somewhere along development. I would rather implement the steam API to only let you search for your own character through a login with steam button, otherwise people can search in-depth stats and may attempt to use it as meta. Thoughts? To clarify this is a feature I wanted to implement from the start, the ability to look yourself up.
  5. Alex Hinkley

    ANZUSGaming Kings County Stats Page

    Has been a nice task to work on, thanks for @Tax Wax working with me to improve the system a bit. We're open to improving this system.
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