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  1. Ryan Pike

    Transfer Request - Ryan Pike

    In-game name: Ryan Pike Rank: Trooper Badge Number: 340 Current Department: Department of Corrections Desired Department: Bureau of Patrol Reason: I would like to transfer into patrol because I believe given my prior experiences in policing I would be best suited there. I’ve enjoyed my time in DOC but I believe to further my knowledge and skills within the KSP this is the best route for me. Given my activity level over the past while I would be a great addition to the patrol department. I may only be a trooper currently, but I have a lot of experience in leadership roles throughout my career as a member of law enforcement and I plan on being committed to help better the department in any way that I can. I also feel that the patrol department brings a lot of opportunity for RP and teamwork which is something that I really look forward to. Signature: Ryan Pike
  2. Ryan Pike

    Ryan Pike - KSP Application

    Name: Ryan Pike Timezone(NA/EU/AS/AU): NA (EST) Age: 25 Steam 64 ID: 76561198042012176 Reference 1: @Master Flynn How did you acquire these references? I Worked Flynn is the past at other communities. Dating back to 2014, when we were apart of the A3L SERT team together. Why would you like to join the Kamdan State Police?: I would like to join the Kamdan State Police mainly because I feel that I could bring a lot of value to an already great police force. It doesn't take much to notice that there is a high crime rate in Kamdan, between all the robberies, illegal narcotics operations and the larger scale heists; this doesn't even include the minor events like speeding and shoplifting. I would love nothing more than the opportunity to employ my skills, knowledge and experience to help better the force and put a stop to the crime that has overwhelmingly taken over the entire city of Kamdan. What are your previous experiences with being an LEO?: My previous experiences with being a LEO go back probably 6-7 years. I’ve spent time in DOC. While There I worked my way up to SGT before transferring to patrol. In patrol I had accomplished the rank of LT before taking a spot in SERT. I’ve spent most of my time in/on a SERT team where I managed to climb the ladder all the way up to Captain. From there, I worked with the Captain of DTU and we managed special operations between both divisions. Somewhere in all of that, I also spent time in the IA division. My experience as a LEO officer crosses over many islands, some where I was even tasked with starting divisions and writing SOP’s. What makes a good Officer in your opinion?: In my opinion a good officer is someone who is very mature, can handle him or herself in a calm and professional matter and most importantly someone who can work with a team and follow direction. Maturity and calmness are very important in this career because there are going to be times where you have to deal with very stressful situations which is where you need to keep your head straight and there will be times where you have to deal with civilians who just love to ignore the law and "troll around." Being an LEO also means that you will have to work with many other people, some you know, and some you don't. Being a good teammate is very import to the success of KSP. Lastly, following the directions of the chain of command is what drives the force. If you think you're better than someone above you, nothing good can come of this. It is very important to respect rank and follow orders. Anything that you would like to add?: Firstly, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my application. I understand what going through all these apps are like. I’d just like to note that I think my experience speaks for itself in terms of my ability to be a great addition to the KSP. I believe that my leadership can be used to help strengthen current departments somewhere down the road. I also think I will be a positive asset to the KSP in terms of leading by example and doing the right thing.
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