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  1. Please post a new topic and fill all of the red text with relevent information, a judge will then take a look at your request and either deny or accept ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Court Appeal Case Request Kings County Supreme Court Central District [Plaintiff's Name] v. [Defendant's Name] Original Court Case Date: Case Number: Presiding Judge's Name: Original Court Case Judgement: I, [Plaintiff's/Defendant's Lawyer], am requesting an Appeal Court Case date in the Kings County Supreme Court of Appeals in the above caption action, do appeal to the Kings County Supreme Court of Appeals. From the judgement entered against my client and the case sent back to the lower court for a new trial.
  2. Matt Lee

    Marty Robins - Bar Application

    ACCEPTED! Congrats! Please follow the following steps in order to proceed; Please study the following guide, "Attorney Guide" After you have studied the aforementioned guide please go to "Waiting for DOJ" in TeamSpeak. Make sure your name is "Your Name - Interview" Wait for further instructions Be noted that the interview will include your Bar Exam. Thank you for your interest in the Bar. Thank You, Chief Judge Matthew Lee
  3. Matt Lee

    Jacob Gabrini - KSP Application

    // ACCEPTED \\ Congratulations on completing and passing your interview! Interview conducted by Snr Trooper Matt Lee
  4. Matt Lee

    KSP - Lewis James - APP

    // ACCEPTED \\ Congratulations on completing and passing your interview! Interview conducted by Snr Trooper Matt Lee
  5. Matt Lee

    Tom Black - KSP Application

    // ACCEPTED \\ Congratulations on completing and passing your interview! Interview conducted by Snr Trooper Matt Lee
  6. Matt Lee

    Yanni Fatios - KSP Application

    // ACCEPTED \\ Congratulations on completing and passing your interview! Interview conducted by Snr Trooper Matt Lee
  7. Matt Lee

    Matt Lee - KPD/DOC Application

    Application In order to apply for the Kamdan State Police, you will need to copy the contents of this thread Please NOTE: All new officers will start as a Cadet into DOC. NOTE: Once you reach Snr Officer in DOC, then you WILL need 2 references to transfer out of DOC. SOP's - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CWhy75jR4nMbMMVOML4LZQShUgKqdJwzSBO_sRCobFs/edit Name: Matt Lee Age: 18 Date of Birth: 11/10/2000 (Nov 10, 2000) Why would you like to join the Kamdan State Police? (100 words minimum): I would like to join the Kamdan State Police, or the Department of Correction mainly. due to my lack of connection to the police department as a member of the Justice Department, I feel I should get to know more about the police department and its employee's. I have also noticed many crimes going unpunished due to the lack of DOJ and its command, I would like to help in this need. I have many a lot of free time due to some circumstances in real life and feel I that with this spare time I will make a great DOC officer. What are your previous experiences with being an LEO? (If any): I was a Police Officer in NoPixel, as well as a Lieutenant in Project Silverlake and a corporal in Project Life. What makes a good Officer in your opinion? (100 words minimum): What makes me the right choice for this job is my understanding of all the laws in Kamdan as well as all of its procedures. I have had multiple employments with different departments and have an understanding of how many police structures work, along with many of there standards. I believe this will help me stick out from the other officers. As well the skills that I have gained throughout my years of being in this community I feel that I will be able to help train and lead any other officers so we can turn Kamdan into making a fair and just DOC. Anything that you would like to add?: I am not looking to become part of the Police Department, I would like to stay in the DOC and maybe become a part of the command team of the DOC.
  8. Kamdan Department of Justice Code of Conduct Rules of the Department of Justice: - The Department of Justice vehicles are for official use only - At no time may a member discontinue his or her case(s) without written notice from a higher authority - No member shell disobey his or her superior - A lawyer who is unfit for his or her's duty can be taken off any case without warning from a superior - If the mentor finds their mentee is disobeying his or her commands, he or she can fire them at any moment - Any time an officer gives a member of Justice an order they must follow that command to the best of their ability. - You are must be blind to all; wealth, power, or status - Any higher authority can fire and remove your admission to practice at any time with a valid reason Code of Ethics: - A member of Justice must give his or her best efforts for any and all cases - At any time a member of the Justice can advertise on any platform - A member can announce a movement of office only after the move is complete - Do not belittle other members of the Justice system - Do not offer money for any service to a client for any service - Do not endanger anyone's person or legal items in personal or work life - Do not give discounts for your services for any reason - Do not claim you have connections - Do not advertise your services in an inappropriate, threatening, or unprofessional way
  9. Matt Lee

    US/UK Kamdan Life Testers needed apply here!

    Name: Matt Lee How long have you been apart of ANZUS: technically 8 months but really only 4 if that Do you agree to testing rules:yes
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