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  1. Pt 1: Personal Details In-Game Name (General Alias): Brian Taylor TeamSpeak Name: Brian Taylor Age: 19 Country you live in: United States of America Timezone you operate on: Eastern Standard Time Steam 64 ID: 76561198093938270 Pt 2: Admission Questionnaire Do you have any experience and particular skills as a lawyer? (Min 50 words or 5 dot points) I have a great skill set that can make up for the lack of experience and also help me in gaining that experience as a lawyer. There are three skills that are my utmost strongest. They are communication, common sense, deductive reasoning, and social analyzing. All of these connect into each other while also holding up each other in the highest regards. They will allow me to do my job as a lawyer effectively and proficiently. Communication can be considered the sole skill in all aspects of life and all departments across the King's County. Communication is what connects everyone and it allows people to do their job. For me, I can get information across to people and clients in a concise manner that will clear up any questions or confusions. I will review the information given to me and asses the chances of whether or not I can get my client free. However, no matter the chance, I will try my hardest to get my client either a reduced sentence or complete freedom for the client. I will take my time in assessing and attempt to finish the job and help my client in a professional and timely manner. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a lawyer? (Min 50 words) For strengths, it is based on my commitment to the department. With commitment comes with hard work and reliability. With reliability comes with accountability. Accountability is something that I strive with. I am accountable in all regards. I can get the job done at hand and I can provide even more if needed. I excel in working hard and trying my best in things. It is clear that one of my weaknesses is lack of experience as a lawyer as I have not been a lawyer. Secondly, I like to always come up with some sort of deal that will make both parties happy with what they got instead of just making my side pleased with the outcome. In addition, both parties wouldn't be 100% satisfied, it would be both parties somewhat satisfied, when instead it should be just my side 100% satisfied. Lastly, another weakness of me would be that I don't like wordplay when it comes to talking to someone. I like getting straight to the point so they can understand the position they are in. This may seem like a strength at times but I see this as a weakness as most times people don't like the cold hard truth. How many hours a year (a week) can you put into the Department of Justice? 10 to 20 if needed. What is your goal as a position within 2 months of being accepted? I would like to pass any probationary or trial stages to be in a comfortable spot in the Department of Justice Why should your application be accepted? (Min 25 words) I believe that I have the necessary skills, the professionalism, and maturity to be a part of this department that enables a more peaceful and civil society for King's County. I also show characteristics of wanting to learn and expand my experience within the Department of Justice of King's County. I should be accepted so that I may allow future clients, which I will be helping and representing, to have my skill set and pave a pathway so that they may see freedom once again or avoid imprisonment. Pt 3: Disclosure Have You Been Previously Struck Off the Roll: (e.g. been kicked out of the DOJ) No If Yes, For What Reason: N/A Do you have Current Pending Criminal Charges Against You? (And if so, what charges) No Disclose Any of the Following Convictions; Murder of a Judge executing his duties, Attack of a Courthouse or Terrorist Acts Towards the Courts: None to disclose Disclose Any Convictions for Perjury or Lying Under Oath in Kings County: None to disclose Please Disclose the Number of Past Applications For Admission Made: None to disclose Please Disclose Reasons for the Denied Applications: (if any have occurred) N/A Do you have any Bans on ANZUS Gaming? None If yes to any of the above questions then please explain why In spite of these, why should we accept your application? N/A
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