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  1. Austin Bean

    Bobby Simmons - Player Report

    Wen't back to the fed to check if you can shoot through that box, you cant, I shot him when he was behind the wooden box and it was just desync when he died
  2. Austin Bean

    Bobby Simmons - Player Report

    The rule literally states "[such as concrete and brick walls]", it mentions the word WALLS 4 times in the rules, I shot him through the wooden box not a wall?
  3. Austin Bean

    Increase Jail Time

    Right now jail is just boring for a number of factors. Earlier I went to jail for a class 3, only got 15 minutes. In that 15 minutes its pointless for friends to try break me out because by the time they get to the jail, I'll have served most of my sentence. The most I can buy is a keycard with someone elses help because it takes a while to get money. Increasing the time would just make it worth the time trying to break out! I honestly wouldn't mind going to jail for a hour because I robbed a bank and killed a cop. Maybe a good idea would be allowing cops to stack charges?
  4. Austin Bean

    Report of a combat logger

    Hello, My name is Austin Bean and this is my story. I was playing this roleplay server and after committing some crimes, I was sent to jail. I served most of my sentence when @PsiSyn and I tried to break out just for some action. While doing this, we jumped over the back wall and were tazed, I was then placed into a car, I informed the police officers that I was about to be released as you can see in the video, they try to remove me from the car as it is a feature of the server to TP me back to the main city of Kamdan, but the cops were too slow and it did not TP me. They told me I was free, so I started to move away from the officers when the told me to stop and then tazed me, I asked them were they the R word out of anger(which is something I apologize for). The cops then informed me that I would be going to jail, even though they tried to pull me out of the car so I could tp away from DOC. I asked them when I was getting released, they said I wouldn't, so to fix the bug I alt f4'd because I would have been released if the bug didn't happen. I would like to counter report the men in the video for bug abusing, as they abused the bug of putting me in the car so I would not be teleported away
  5. Austin Bean

    Austin Bean RDM

    Can give him like 250k comp
  6. Austin Bean

    Austin Bean RDM

    Yikes only seeing this now @Lewis Free, I wasn't recording but Lewis was streaming at the time, heres a clip from our side, When I was hopping out of the car, I could see him crouching, so I assumed he would stay that way, when I was shooting through the car at the other one he stands up, which I did not see from my angle as the windows on the car are completely black. You can hear me at the clip explaining that I did not see him. I'd like to comp if Darnell would like?
  7. Austin Bean

    Austin Bean - Player report

    Hello Mr. Kuran, I have some video evidence of this situation, he told multiple people in our gang to shoot him, then when he asked me to shoot him I helped him out. Kind regards, Austin
  8. Austin Bean

    Austin Bean - Player report

    Hello Mr. Kuran, I would request that he posts the longer video so he can show you all of the bad words he was saying that could get him kicked off the island, he was also mic spamming. Would love to see a longer clip, but I assume the reason he only claims to have a short video is because he doesn't want to show what he was saying. Kind regards, Austin
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