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  1. Conor Lee

    Conor Lee - EMS Application

    Im a volunteer you can close this
  2. Conor Lee

    Conor Lee - EMS Application

    Name: Conor Lee Age: 17 Steam 64UID: 76561198172939879 Timezone: EST Discord ID: ConorSt0rm#4750 Questions about yourself: How many hours a week will you be able to play as an KMD EMS member: Lots What is the reason you decided to apply to become a KMD EMS member (100 words minimum): Well I have always been EMS on all the life servers I've ever played on and I have really enjoyed it, I've always had something about EMS that seems to always make me come back to in on communities as well as being able to have lots of leadership experience between communities in the ems and have ran plenty of divisional based commands. But honestly, the main reason is because of me being ems here in the past, I really enjoyed it and want to experience the fun I had again. I also want to be able to help anyone to my best abilities to help better the department! Do you have any previous experience as an EMS member: USG Senior Paramedic/FTO/S&R ALRP S&R LT AlphaOmegaGaming EMS Chief Metropolis S&R Captain Anzus Gaming 1.0 EMS Division Chief Anzus Gaming Silverlake EMS Assistant Chief And more What qualities should a good EMS member have according to you (50 words minimum): Good qualities that an EMS member should have in my opinion is that they should have character, dignity, respect, passion and loyalty. Not only that but should be mature in the way they roleplay and act in game being able to roleplay properly as well but the most important thing is maturity and respect. You should respect everyone you talk to Civ,Cop,Medic no matter their rank and be willing to help fellow EMS members strive to become better in there roleplaying skills and options. Why do you think you fit the role of an KMD EMS member (50 words minimum): I believe I fit the role for becoming a KMD EMS Member because I have the experience, leadership and maturity to become one. I'm willing to help anyone to better the department not only that but am always striving to become and better roleplayer in everything that I do to help better the roleplay experience someone has. Do you understand your application can be denied for lack of effort (yes/no): yes
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