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    Playboys Official Recruitment (Custom Uniform/Car) [OPEN]

    In game Name Dylan Argent Discord Number & Name AVitt#7161 Playtime on ANZUS (100 Hours Minimum) Like 5. Hours in Arma 3 I have 4000+ hours Any Earlier Bans N/A Region & Timezones Europe (GMT+1) Steam 64 ID 76561198046522311 Are you currently Police or EMS If so what rank and department I am not Why do you want to join the Playboys (50 Word Minimum) I would like to join the Playboys because I was asked to join by a friend of mine. Another reason is that I also tend to prefer the gang side of crime as opposed to the solo/lone wolf side. This is because even though you may, in essence, be doing the same things, being in a gang opens up a lot of options such as major crimes. Being in a gang also allows you to interact with different people in ways that are difficult as a lone wolf. What skills do you do you have that will be helpful to us Well, to start I am generally a very well rounded person, and as such, I can do almost anything that is expected of a member in a gang at a decent to above-average level. This includes everything from shooting to driving and flying. The only thing I cannot do, at this time, is fly, though this is simply due to insufficient training at this point (I can fly on other islands). I am a very calm and collected person, and I can keep calm even when people are intentionally trying to make me angry and want to get a reaction out of me. I'm good at keeping my mind straight in stressful situations. If there is something that I am not great at, or just don't know how to do, I am always a very enthusiastic learner, and for the most part a quick one too. I am very good at tactical communications, and know-how detrimental cluttered communications is to the police force, as such I only give out vital information on the radio, keeping it short and concise as I do, you don't need to know my life story over the radio, just a quick but descriptive account of the situation. I have always been a rather dedicated person and as such, I don't give up easily. Do you understand Playboys has ranks in Which you are required to follow I do Playboy Recommendations (Names of Playboy Member) Taylor Wells
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