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  1. Elijah Gralike

    Load Outs

  2. Elijah Gralike

    DOC Internal Lockdown

    Hi, Add a room in Internal where internal can go into "Lock down" and if doors get opened it alerts DOC, "even with a key-card". This will also help out DOC when there is only 1 or 2 DOC online so the person at front gate doesn't constantly get taken hostage and robbed. Thanks
  3. Elijah Gralike

    DOC FTO Plate Carrier

    Hi, It has come to the entire PD's attention that the FTO Plate carrier can not be purchased by DOC, it isn't a major issue but DOC do 99% of peoples training. If DOC want a FTO Plate Carrier they have to wait and seek a patrol officer to purchase it for them. Thanks
  4. Elijah Gralike

    Elijah Gralike - Staff Application

    In-game name: Elijah Gralike / Elijah Jimba Age: 16 Steam 64 ID: 76561198193284758 Timezone/Region: AEST ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Questionnaire How long have you been apart of the ANZUSGaming community?: I have been apart of the Anzus Gaming Community since July 25, 2018. Have you ever been banned? (for whatever reason): Yes, Combat Logging What is your motivation for applying for a support position within ANZUS? (75 words minimum): My motivation for joining the Anzus Gaming Staff Team is, I would love to help out the community by serving as a staff member and dealing with certain situations. I also have motivation for this position because I have been apart of the Anzus Gaming Server for over a year and have seen a high amount of development and care for the server. I would like to make the development and care for the server even better by showing myself in the Anzus Gaming Staff Team. What skills can you bring to the team? (50 words minimum): As a member of the Anzus Gaming staff team I can show certain skills to help out the community. The first skill is leadership, Leadership is one of my best traits about myself and this can come in handy a lot with a staff team. Another skill is, I can learn and listen quickly, this will be very helpful for a spot in the Anzus Gaming Staff Team because even though I haven't been staff elsewhere, I can learn the ins and outs of the job. Do you have any experience elsewhere in a position of power over a community?: No, but can learn quickly.
  5. Elijah Gralike

    Elijah Gralike - DOC Suggestion

    Hi, I think you should add a random server event where a boat comes to doc and DOC have to unload the prisoners onto the island. Civs can come and interrupt to try and release the prisoners. If successful get a high payout. Kind Regards, Elijah Gralike
  6. Elijah Gralike

    Elijah Gralike Player Report

    Fat R.I.P
  7. Elijah Gralike

    Elijah Gralike Player Report

    How do you get probation?
  8. Elijah Gralike

    Elijah Gralike Player Report

  9. Elijah Gralike

    Elijah Gralike Player Report

    And what I mean about the grudge is that we had one bad encounter a day ago and now all these reports are coming out, your boy RDM'ed me in a green zone and I had a chance to get him points but I didn't because I didn't want our gangs relationship to go down hill. Don't know what you think but that is just what I think. Sorry Again @Tony Torrin
  10. Elijah Gralike

    Elijah Gralike Player Report

    To Be honest just give me the 20 hour ban because I can't be bothered to deal with this. I have evidence of them using third party communications in fights but we don't report them, I don't know why they see the need in reporting this, its a minor offence and I wont do it again. Sorry if this hurt your feelings or made you have a bad roleplay experience @Tony Torrin
  11. Elijah Gralike

    Elijah Gralike Player Report

    First off, this happened a week ago and second off they are holding a grudge against our gang, they are holding a grudge against our gang because they reported me and another one of my members for something that happened a week ago, as it states on the kamdan rules, 1.9 - Deliberately targeting a group of people or person (whether by play-style or by using reports) in order to remove any chance at fun on the server is against the rules. (Note: Proper roleplay wars and grudges will not be considered here where they are fair in the eyes of staff [not 10v2]). IDK why they would report me from something that happened a week ago for no reason, And as you can see in his video his friend is exploiting to look through the floor. Thanks Elijah @Wyrus
  12. Elijah Gralike

    Player Report - Adam Johnson

    @Wyrus I was going to take this to support but he then hopped off the game and TeamSpeak so I couldn't report him in TS, so I asked him if he wanted to just compensate me and I wouldn't take it to the forums, I didn't harass him. Thanks
  13. Elijah Gralike

    Player Report - Adam Johnson

    Name: Elijah Gralike Name of player you are reporting: Adam Johnson Date of Incident: 20/07/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 4:00 am Rule(s) Broken: 6.7 - If you are revived you may not return to/become involved in the same combat situation you were involved in. (note, you may return to the RP situation once combat has concluded) UNLESS:-> Police arrest you or attempt to arrest you-> Somebody tried to rob you after reviving you-> NOTE: Being shot at because you have returned to the area does not allow you to become involved again. Description of Incident: We rolled up to a gas station and got in initiated on by this gang, I killed four of them; including @Adam Johnson, then he got combat revived, I killed the fifth but then he was revived so he then killed me. Evidence: Have you already been to support about this incident: No If so what was the result of the support case: N/A
  14. Elijah Gralike

    Devils Henchmen - Official Gang - Reviewing Applications

    1. Age: 16 2. Hours on Arma: 717 3. Link any montages (Not Required): 4. Rate your shooting ability on a scale of 1 - 10: 8 5. What's your play style (E.G Passive, Aggressive): Passive, Unless needed otherwise 6. Do you know how to call-out targets correctly (EG. bearing or direction): Yes 7. Any previous gang affiliation, if so state: Manorellos 8. Any bans on record: No 9. Timezone: AEST 10. What level are you in game: 20
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