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Adam Targaryen

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  1. Adam Targaryen


    this is epic
  2. Adam Targaryen

    [SERVER EVENT] Region Wars [THIS SUNDAY!!!]

    US is going to win, just saying
  3. Adam Targaryen

    Looking for Official ANZUSGaming Streamers

    Name: Adan TargaryenStream link: www.twitch.tv/driftertvDiscord: revenge#5705Hours able to stream per week: 15+Previous ANZUS vods: www.twitch.tv/videos/696509635 www.twitch.tv/videos/697426259 will do more dev streams
  4. Adam Targaryen

    Infantryman Application - Jarome Jackson

    I'd really like to be apart of this man's squad if possible.
  5. YOOOO this is some seriously good stuff, love the updates
  6. Adam Targaryen

    New gang houses system

    more ways to get money for gang bank pls
  7. Adam Targaryen

    Anzus 5v5 Tournament [Sunday 28th @ 7PM EST]

    Team Name: Bomboclaat Team Captain: Adam Ryker - 76561198070294432 Team Member: Josh Deal - 76561198069677973 Team Member: Mclovin Lit - 76561198344055177 Team Member: Bob Wax - 76561198121969183 Team Member: Jim Black - 76561198151135856 Team Reserve: Matao Stoner - 76561198353488661
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