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Lincoln Williams

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  1. Lincoln Williams

    New Trial Major Crime Ruleset

    Have you not seen our budget cuts lately? Can't even afford duct tape to keep Chem leak from infecting my guys and you think we can afford more tampons? Blasphemy!!!
  2. Lincoln Williams

    New Trial Major Crime Ruleset

    More bodies... why does there always need to be more bodies!!!
  3. Lincoln Williams

    Lincoln Williams - Thank You

    Thank you, Mort....But it isn't me leading...it's every one of my staff that are contributing that are making KCRS great. So thank you to them.
  4. This is one small step for mankind......one giant leap for KCRS. And yes I said that how I wanted to.
  5. Would love some info on what EMS vehicles will be present and available....are we having whitelist levels? Will everything be the same as far as F to revive? Will database transfer? So many questions so little time. Please pm me on discord with any info... thank you...
  6. Lincoln Williams

    To Thank A Member

    Please utilize the main template. This is for thanking a member of KCFD for anything they have done for you in-game or out of game. Yes we have a bad reports but what about the guys that consistently do a good job? Well now you can thank them here! No flaming or negative comments will need. One person's opinion wont necessarily be everyone's but that is not important.
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