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  1. Jack Fire

    Michy Batshuayi - Decision Appeal

    @Michy Batshuayi Please check the timetamp you have given. 00:54:10 shows a situation at a processor where you engage in a gunfight. It doesn't not involve you putting your hands up. Please give the timestamp of where the situation actually begins.
  2. Jack Fire

    Headie One - Support Decision Appeal

    @Bo Wells After hearing the sides, on the evidence before me I have decided that you have breached rule 1.1. (The 'curry' comment. This said, this isn't nearly as serious as some other racial slurs in my personal opinion. This is taken into account) The latter comments about having intercourse were also unnecessary and exacerbated the issue. From the comments I see no reason why the case should have been closed just because the case was dragging on or getting toxic. I would imagine this would be reasonably common where the report itself is on toxicity. The comments were also clearly aimed at his real life person which are not appropriate. Similar comments if made inside a strict RP scenario may have led to a different result but here you are clearly talking out of character and as such the language you have used is inappropriate. It is also obvious no consent was given. For this reason I am giving you 10 points and a 48 hour game ban. (No leniency was applied for time taken to resolve this issue due to past offences) @Headie One - Sorry for the time it took to resolve this issue.
  3. Jack Fire

    Unban appeal

    @cadan Please put more effort into the section: ' Why should you be unbanned? '
  4. Jack Fire

    Headie One - Support Decision Appeal

    @Matthew Gandon - Please provide your initial findings and anything to do with admissions made in support @Alex Monroe @Jackson Reed - Also feel free to reply with your thoughts on the decision
  5. Jack Fire

    RDM by Bailey Ramirez

    @Bailey Jumper Please respond with your defense to the accusations
  6. Jack Fire

    Roman Clancy - Ban Appeal

    @Roman Clancy Just before I review it I will let you know DPI Glitching generally falls under major exploiting which has a standard of 40 points (just from memory). This would have put you on a permanent ban. SMT also have the ability to vary punishments based on their own discretion. Finally you have a history of exploiting. Please respond to all of these points.
  7. Jack Fire

    Lucas Lesb - Points Appeal

    @Lucas Lesb Technically you have broken the rule 13.3 - You have initiated on someone in the safezone. This said, you may still arrest people in the safezone who are committing obvious crimes. For this reason, your points have been reduced to 0 as technically your initiation had no effect. You were allwoed to tackle and arrest the player however you should not have initiated XD.
  8. Jack Fire

    Headie One - Support Decision Appeal

    @Bo Wells Please respond to this accusation with any defense within 24 hours. (otherwise the case will be decide din your absence) Thanks
  9. Supreme Court of Kamdan Practice Certificate Application Character Details Character Name: Character Primary Faction (e.g. Civ, Cop, Mafia, ect.): Are you currently under employment by any corporation: Do you plan to practice privately, in a firm, as a public defender or as a prosecutor? Do you currently have an offer of a job in any of these? Do you have a mentor lawyer that you know that could assist you in practice when you first start? References from current lawyers (not required but very helpful): Personal Details (IRL) Age: Date of Birth: Steam64 ID: TeamSpeak ID (or Name): Country: Timezone: Character Questions Persons already accepted into a police prosecutor position may skip these questions Do you have any experience and particular skills as a lawyer? (Min 50 words or 5 dot points) Why would you like to become a lawyer in Kamdan? (Min 75 words or 10 dot points) What are your strengths and weaknesses as a lawyer? (Min 50 words) How many hours a year (a week) can you put into the Department of Justice? What is your goal as a position within 2 months of being accepted? Why should your application be accepted? (Min 25 words) Disclosure Have You Been Previously Struck Off the Roll (e.g. been kicked out of the DOJ)? If Yes, For What Reason? Do you have Current Pending Criminal Charges Against You? If so, what charges? Disclose Any of the Following Convictions; Murder of a Judge executing his duties, Attack of a Courthouse or Terrorist Acts Towards the Courts: Disclose Any Convictions for Perjury or Lying Under Oath in Kamdan: Please Disclose the Number of Past Applications For Admission Made: Please Disclose Reasons for the Denied Applications: (if any have occurred) Do you have any Past Bans on ANZUS Gaming? If you have answered yes to any of the above, please explain why we should still accept your application: Bar Test For your application to be successful you must pass over 80% in the Bar Exam. (70% if you have a reference) If you fail the first time you will be allowed to try the supplementary exam on which you must achieve 75% or an interview which you must pass. Questions are rotated over time and per candidate. YOU MUST NOT DISCUSS THE QUESTIONS IN THIS EXAM WITH ANY OTHER PERSON BEFORE THE TEST, WHILE THE TEST IS ONGOING, or AFTER THE TEST. The contents of the test are confidential. Link to Test. - Administered by the Supreme Court of Kamdan Please complete the application and submit it then take the test after. Tests taken before submitting an application may result in your application not being successful. (Even if under a different name) Legal Note Knowingly providing false or misleading information on this document is a crime punishable by up to 15 months imprisonment and/or a $200,000 fine. Attempting to breach examination rules is a civil offence punishable by up to a $50,000 fine. This will render you ineligible to reapply without special leave of the Supreme Court of Kamdan.
  10. Kamdan Supreme Court Practice Note 1 General Information on Process of Courts in Kamdan Tom Denning Chief Justice
  11. Kamdan Supreme Court Notice of Appeal Filings Instructions Rules Practice Notes
  12. Jack Fire

    Criminal Case Filings

    Kamdan Supreme Court Criminal Case Filings Instructions Rules Practice Notes
  13. Jack Fire

    Civil Case Filings

    Kamdan Supreme Court Civil Case Filings Instructions Rules Practice Notes
  14. Jack Fire

    John Tomas / Support Decision Appeals

    @Oakley Jayy I am reasonable satisfied you have breached server rules in that you have killed someone due to believing your gang was in initiation. In order to be included in initiation you must be wearing completely the correct clothing and vest, not just one of them. As it does not appear the person who was killed has actually reported you, I will give you a 2 point warning. Have a good day
  15. Jack Fire

    Dave Lee - Support decision appeal

    @Lucas Rodriguez Considering the evidence you have breached rule. In deciding this I have taken into account the following evidence: The content of the support case and the decision of the support members The content of the other support case referenced and the decision in the support case The video provided by Mr. Antico which shows you went to Support while a roleplay situation was underfoot. The statements made on this post The rules and policies in question are the following: 4.6 – You musts give the victim 8 seconds to comply with your demands, unless they have a clear change in behavior such as start running away or reach for their firearm. If you have broken a rule you cannot report the other player You cannot use someones evidence unless they are exploiting/hacking What the f*ck is a support appeal In interpreting this rule I make the following decisions: For each demand you give, you must also give the person 8 seconds to comply with the demand unless there is a clear change in behavior such as starting to run away or reaching for their firearm. If the person is drawing their firearm already or already running away, these will not constitute changes in behavior. Saying no you won't comply will not void this period Hostile action from gang member or affiliates will void this period In considering if someone changes behavior it is your job to consider lag (e.g. if they start running before you start shouting on their screen you will be guilty) Changing where you aim to aim directly at a person with a firearm will be a change in behaviour. The rule is applied more strictly where the person is just running, compared to pulling a gun. It may be possible for somebody to implicitly disobey your direction, but this would require you doing more such as saying 'this is a robbery'. In some such situations a 'reasonable reaction time' may be enough There is no rule that where you have broken a rule, you cannot report another player. This said, the rule breaks of both sides will be considered when deciding a case. The following are important factors: Who broke the first rule Was the second rule break in response to or related to the first rule break Was the second rule break more serious then the first. (and how does the seriousness relate) Generally the first rule break cannot be mitigated against by a subsequent rule break, however a subsequent rule break can be mitigated against by a prior rule break. This parties can agree to both drop the case if they agree they both broke server rules. How large was the first rule break. (and was it an obvious rule break or a rule break based on technicalities) Was the first rule break made directly at the person who committed the second rule break or merely a gang member. Did the second rule break prevent the first rule break from becoming more serious. Was there a high likelihood of the first rule breaker continuing to breach server rules. There both parties still report the following formula will generally apply: First Rule Breaker: Full Points - Second Rule Breaker: Half Points OR First Rule Breaker: Half Points - Second Rule Breaker: 0 Point Warning (Depending on case) While generally support members cannot use someone else's evidence against them unless they are exploiting or hacking, this is a staff policy and not a server rule. SMT have the ability to bypass this rule where they feel it appropriate (I note, this is used rarely) A persons own evidence may also be used against them to mitigate a case they bring forward (e.g. to show facts or that they broke rules first). This does not allow support to give points only off this evidence. A person admitting facts may be considered. A persons own evidence may be used against them to show lying to staff or attempting to hinder staff duties. (By SLT+) Moderators+ may void this rule for hacking, duping, third party software or major exploiting. This does not apply to minor exploiting. Probation conditions may void this rule. Support Appeals are used to appeal against decisions made by support in support or on the forums. It is the alternative to the infamous 'second opinion' and allows very senior staff to provide in depth considerations. While reviewing a case, the reviewing has a large discretion, able to simultaneously review related decisions which are raised in the appeal (but not directly appealed). Overall these cases are not really about giving people points but really providing reasons to people that can be used for later support cases. All of the points I have mentioned above may be used to assist a person in support in order to create more uniformity between staff member decisions. Findings of the case: From the evidence and lack of reply I have made the following findings: You gave a demand, to stop running, but failed to give 8 seconds, or even a reasonable reaction time before you shot. Your evidence had not been used against you or at all during making my findings on the case. (only in the probation terms) The rule break made after your rule break does not nullify the original breach. The points given in this case have been increased due to your extensive history of RDM and Fail Initiation For the reasons above you shall be receiving 10 points for the breach of server rules (RDM). This said, as you are currently on a 14 day ban, you shall receive an extra day on this ban, causing it to end on Sunday instead of Saturday. (Please be aware Doug Jumper chose to extend your ban as per your appeal) You are being placed under probation (Although you should have been on it already) with the following conditions: (ending on the 31st of August 2019) Forced 2 minutes of evidence prior to rule breach Double points for failing to allow a person to comply Double points for any offences similar to those that you have committed in the past. ( @Dave Lee - In the future please watch out with exploiting offences which allow you to knock a player out. Due to the fact that the original offence was your first offence ever on the server and due to the prior rulebreak, the points for the offence will be reduced to 5. These points will not affect any staff applications. I will not be reducing them to 0 as I do not consider them to be an appropriate response to the original rule break considering it was only just a rulebreak and was not directly towards you) Best Regards, Jack Fire
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