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  1. Jack Fire

    Fifty Cal - player report

    @Jack Black You have 24 hours to respond with your defence to these allegations of server rule breaches. If you intend to rely on rule 4.20 - If you state you are in initiation with a faction and then your faction members act on that statement, you shall be liable for punishment if it turns out to be RDM. - You must provide video evidence of the person you say claimed initiation or provide their name and have them agree that they took such an action. Otherwise the blame still rests on you.
  2. @George Arrest warrant has been issued in relation to this sentence. I am satisfied that the sentence has not yet been served. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kfjqReSPCajnWIFcg-nV2BJICN7TWzYVADxu41xQmLc/edit?usp=sharing
  3. @Liam Forder Applications for sealing of your records can be made to the Kamdan District Court. However, it is unnecessary to have your records expunged as KSP does no criminal activity checks with applications. As this case is yet to travel through the District Court, this application is rejected until such an application is made.
  4. Jack Fire

    Josh Black - Point Appeal

    @Ninj Red As long as nothing is missing it’s all good to just leave the case. I know Dingas has access. Im just trialing this to hopefully reduce documents being lost by tagging all persons mentioned as running the IA case or issuing the discipline.
  5. Jack Fire

    Josh Black - Point Appeal

    Senate Disciplinary Appeal Committee Disciplinary Appeal Case Number: A009 Kamdan Legislature Officer Presiding: Jake Dingas Josh BLACK APPLICANT and Kamdan State Police RESPONDENT As this discipline was approved by State Command and is in relation to a termination, the SDAC will deal with the appeal. @Kain McCloud @Ninj Red - Please forward all relevant evidence to Senator Jake Dingas within 36 hours so that review may occur. Please also copy all evidence to myself for the SDAC registry. Other motions may be made by reply to this topic.
  6. Jack Fire

    Point Appeal - Appeal Sparker Ramirez

    Senate Disciplinary Appeal Committee Disciplinary Appeal Case Number: A008 Kamdan Legislature Officer Presiding: Paul Phantom Sparker RAMIREZ APPLICANT and Kamdan State Police RESPONDENT As this discipline was approved by State Command and is in relation to a termination, the SDAC will deal with the appeal. @Pitbull.Emmers @Kain McCloud - Please forward all relevant evidence to Senator Paul Phantom within 36 hours so that review may occur. Please also copy all evidence to myself for the SDAC registry. Other motions may be made by reply to this topic.
  7. Jack Fire


    So there is a big reason why the rule is different: Police MUST roleplay in order to s1/ram. If rebels are allowed to they will do whatever they can within the rules, bending them wherever possible, which ruins any fun for alot of people other than the top rebels. Police however can lose their career, like their main achievement on the server, by making one bad judgement in an S1. (if it is bad enough) We must restrict rebels more with rules because cops have a second set of rules they can be punished under. Rebels however play with any tactic they think they can get away with, often not considering the other side, which is bad for the server. This is obvious if you look before that rule was formally introduced, as people would literally ram people out of nowhere, just new civs doing some small run, and then go initiate on them just so they could kill the person. If you notice, the rule for cops only applies to S1's. So if it is an obvious crash with no intention to disable you and the cops are in the wrong, it is against server rules for them to arrest you. (e.g. there is no pursuit and the cops fail to give way, causing a crash. They cannot fine you while you repair) - That said, if there is a pursuit, any deliberate ram by the police is an S1.
  8. Jack Fire

    Doug Jumper - Player Report

    @Bobby Simmons DENIED This report has been rejected for the following reasons: There is no rule that they cannot initiate on you for 10 minutes. They may re-initiate at any point. There has been no breach of consistently trying to rob people. He was a police officer trying to arrest you. There has never been a rule stopping people from re-initiating within 10 minutes. (Atleast anytime recently. There may have been one like a year ago) Infact their are rules which specifically allow it/require it. Have a great day
  9. Jack Fire


    Accepted On the following issues above I have decided (In consultation with other SMT) to issue the following punishments: 5 Points for Minor Exploiting for Patrick Star (Taking advantage of a glitch) [Note: 10 Points for the offence. Halved due to rule break by other party]. In the future please @Patrick Star Any staff punishment will remain confidential. As Mr Star is intending on raising a forum report for the shooting of the vehicle, and I am satisfied he has his own evidence (not using your own evidence against you), you will be receiving 4 points for FailRP / Trolling as there was no RP reason to shoot at the SWAT car, you were just being an idiot. This could also really be classed as attempted RDM but the other two are enough for a rule breach. In the future don't be stupid and shoot at random cars driving past. @Scotty Fragz [I was going to give you 10 but I felt too nice to give you a month long ban. Stop being an idiot, especially on high points. NOTE: Points will be set to 89 at end of ban] CLOSED
  10. Jack Fire


    @Scotty Fragz Please provide 2 minutes of evidence as I feel it is necessary to determine the outcome of the case.
  11. In the Kamdan District Court Criminal Division As per the Kamdan Courts Constitution Act Case Number: [Office Use Only] Kamdan District Court Officer Presiding: [Office Use Only] STATE OF KAMDAN PROSECUTION and ADAM LEX DEFENDANT Form 1A Booking Report IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF KAMDAN KAMDAN CITY REGISTRY TO: THE OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF KAMDAN CITY, KAMDAN TAKE NOTICE: OFFICER DETAILS Arresting Officer (Last Name, First Name): Fire, Jack Badge Number: SO05 Rank: Captain Timezone: GMT+11 SUSPECT DETAILS Name of Suspect (Last Name, First Name): Charges: Count / Charge 1: Possession of Class 3 Firearm Count / Charge 2: Discharging Firearm Count / Charge 3: Accessory After the Fact: Manslaughter Count / Charge 4: Evading Police Suspect Status: Released on Bail with security of $80,000 PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT Narrative: At approximately 3PM on the 26/10/2019 Captain of HR Zach Green set off a panic button just south of Riverside South. I was the first to respond on scene. Upon arrival I found the officers car, which had been stolen, and 3 civilian cars, two of which were driving around. These two cars were a black/red mini cooper and a black Range Rover Sport. Officer Zach Green's body was clearly visible. I chose to attempt CPR instead of chasing the suspects. My drone camera observed the ground near Kamdan Deep Suberbs and in Kamdan South. Units, including myself moved to the area to attempt arrests after officer Zach Green was revived. Upon finding them near Kamdan State Police Headquaters, units gave chase. After being rammed by the mini cooper we had to repair and I lost visual. Other officers remained in pursuit. After catching up we observed a purple range rover beginning driving from the crashed minicooper. For this reason we decided to attempt a traffic stop. In this attempt an officers car was destroyed due to bumpy road surfaces. The suspects range rover was disabled. They then began to run on foot into the houses beside their car. At this point we managed to detain 3 individuals at gun point, including the defendant. Mr. Green can confirm these men were the ones to critically injure him. When attempting to move the suspects to the car, the suspect in the stolen police asset returned and attempted to murder an officer. He was charged accordingly. All suspects, including the defendant were read their rights. The defendant was told he was under arrest under probable cause that the police believed him to be involved as an accessory to attempted murder. He was also arrested for evading police. Upon reaching DOC, suspects were transferred to processing rooms. When the individual who shot Zach Green was strip searched, the defendant managed to pick up the class 3 and threaten officers. He was faced to the wall where he discharged the firearm about 5 times. In the process of attempting to re-restrain him the cuffs slipped and he turned on officers where I then rendered him unconscious by use of lethal force. The medic then assisted him and cleared him for processing. The suspect was then searched and 2 class 3's were found in his possession. The one he picked up and a second in his backpack. Processing continued as standard. Evidence (If Any): Affidavit as above. Affidavit of Mr Green and any other officers https://imgur.com/a/EkYdGQF Bodycam footage to be supplied once rendered by Police Digital Forensics Filed 26/10/19 Signed, Jack Fire Jack Fire Kamdan Sheriffs Department
  12. Jack Fire

    Josh Cole - Player Report

    @Matt Frost Please respond with your defence to the allegations. i find the length of the video suitable to establish a rule break.
  13. Jack Fire

    Cant start a major when you have more people than cops

    I think be definition, even if something is civ sided, if one side has significantly more numbers than the other they should still be able to win....
  14. Jack Fire

    Insomina Comp

    Denied. 14.3 - Police can only respond with 2 more people then the amount of robbers declare. If 4 or less robbers are declared, police may respond with 6 officers. 14.3.1 - EXAMPLES: 2 Robbers = 6 Cops. PS: Kamdan City Includes any suburb which has the name Kamdan in it, therefor including Kamdan South. On a final note. Rule breaks should be addressed via a player report and not a compensation request. Clearly police were within the rules here (You counted 6)
  15. Jack Fire

    Doug Jumper- Player Report

    @Doug Jumper You have been issued 5 points for RDM. Points have been reduced due to join fault. You have been issued a discretionary ban for your number of points to represent the seriousness of the offence you have committed.
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