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Nex Nuestra

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  1. Nex Nuestra

    Buying cheap business

    No business is anywhere that cheap starting when the businesses were first implemented. Why would anyone sell the business for over half the original price, especially with the new tax system.
  2. Nex Nuestra

    Kings County 3.9 [BIGGEST UPDATE SINCE 3.0]

    Looking epic guys. Great job, cant wait.
  3. Your Name: Nex Nuestra Your UID: 76561198311390165 Store to transfer: Winter Hill Armoury (Cross River Gun Store) New Owner Name: Matthew Hall New Owner UID: 76561198108960671Reason for Transfer: Bought for 2mill.
  4. Nex Nuestra


    No CG blessings? I pay bucks for it. Unless it starts at a straight unrealistic price.
  5. Nex Nuestra

    Negotiation For Businesses

    I havent made an actual post about it, but, youre twisting mine right back, if you slide me 1.7 on CG next time im on, you got a deal buckaroo.
  6. Nex Nuestra

    Negotiation For Businesses

    Won't budget any lower past 1.9 smile
  7. Nex Nuestra

    Negotiation For Businesses

    1.9mill and Ill do it
  8. Nex Nuestra

    Negotiation For Businesses

    I bought the Gun Store in Crossriver and thought it was a terrible investment, but over the long run ive made 300k about for doing nothing, but for a 3.1mill investment its not worth it to me rn. I am willing to sell it for 4mill. Otherwise I will just keep the passive income.
  9. Nex Nuestra

    Cross River Gun Store

    Your Name: Nex NuestraYour UID: 76561198311390165Stores Owned: Cross River Gun StoreRequested Name: Winter Hill's Armory I understand its the organization name. Thank you.
  10. Actually this new medical system is just fucking pog holy shit.
  11. Fucking POG update. Excited to try it, especially from the USCG perspective with the new missions.
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