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Nex Nuestra

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  1. REALLY FUCKING pog boys. Im excited to smash all these quests out in a day. Hype hype
  2. Nex Nuestra

    Rex Saurus | Payment Request

    Your Name: Rex Saurus Your Position/Rank: LDRS | Paramedic Money Recipient: Rex Saurus Agency/Department/Company filing on behalf of: LDRS Training Academy Amount requested: 6 trainings, 4 as trainee(7k each) 2 as junior instructor(8k each) = $44,000 Reason for withdraw: Month of september TA payout program. Do you confirm you are authorized on behalf of the agency or department you are filing for to request such funds: Yes, training academy command authorized. Do you understand that misuse of funds is a criminal offense and you will be prosecuted if found doing so: Yes
  3. Nex Nuestra

    4.5 Massive Update Funding

    Oil prince Nex's return @Doug Jumper?
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