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  3. Information Police Character Name: Jack Small Date of Birth[DD/MM/YY]:29/12/06 Timezone (GMT/EST/PST):GMT Steam 64 ID:76561198169146689 Link to your forum profile:https://www.anzus.life/profile/15279-joike-marcinio/ Link to your steam profile: (Must be set to public)https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198169146689/ Character Background Why would you like to join the King’s County Sheriff’s Office? (100 words minimum):I would like to join King's County Sheriff's Office because I've been thinking about it for the last couple of days since the move to this island and I think that this could be really beneficial for me meeting new people on the island and making new friends I feel like the King's County Sheriff's Office could really be a good environment for me I met a few officers in jail and you all seem like nice intelligent people who like to have a fun time and maintain roleplay, Also I have played on a different server's police force and I just didn't find it that fun the people were toxic and it was just an overall mess and I'm looking for some kind people to rp as police as What skills/talents can you bring to the Sheriff’s Office? (75 words minimum):I think I can bring a hardworking fun indivisible who with the current situation with coronavirus is able to be active for over 5hr+ a day, also I'm not that bad at getting kill's I'm not the best by any means but I'm not the worst, I can focus in intense sit's and I don't get that nervous, I'm a fast learner as well, and to top it off I've got good comms and know when to shut it. Tell us why we should choose you over other applicants. (75 words minimum):I'm a social guy who like's to make friends in all area's and I can conform to be the person different people want around them I'm a useful asset that can be used most of the time and put to work for long period's of time, I'm also experienced although it wasn't the best time from another popular island. Overall I think in my personal opinion I'm a good choice although that judgement is abit biased. Any past experience of being an LEO on a Arma 3/FiveM server? (If none put “N/A”):Yeah Name the departments & servers you were this rank within (If none put “N/A”): Anzus DOC Deputy Reborn Roleplay - APD PC Joike x4 (was in the police as this rank 4 separate times) also a police like role (a private security faction) Blackwater - SSgt Joike. Can you dedicate 10 hours minimum a week to your potential job as a KCSO member to remain ‘active’ in the eyes of the KCSO?: Yes I can Additional Details Do you wish to pursue a career in the KCSO Patrol Division once trained? :Yes. Do you have any references from current serving KCSO members? :Adam Martinez,Ryan O Brian,Liam Winters Are you a patient person? :Yes. Can you communicate clearly in the English Language? (This is required as we are a English speaking Arma 3 community) : Yes. Are you able to work under stressful situations? :Yes. Do you agree that if accepted, following your interview you have 7 days to complete your phase 1 and phase 2 trainings or face removal from the KCSO?: :Yes. Do you agree to follow the global handbook, your departmental Standard Operating Procedures, all Announcements and KCSO Policies?: :Yes. Do you agree that you can be removed on the spot if you are corrupt as KCSO, this is a server rule and out of character information will be used in these situations? :Yes. Signature Please sign your police character name: Jack Small This is my old app ( Joike Marcinio )
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