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  1. Use this template if you intend on transfering ownership of your store to somebody else, either due to them purchasing it from you or due to other diplomatic reasons. Once a store has been transferred, there is a 48 hour cooldown on the store being transferred again. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your Name: Cassian Andor Your UID: 76561198144090607 Store to transfer: Gas Station North of Paradise New Owner Name: John Miller New Owner UID: 76561198131513644 Reason for Transfer: Sold
  2. So is the ownership thing only for 1 restart?
  3. Brady Warhorse


    Team name: New World BoysTeam member 1: Brady WarhorseTeam member 2: John AntonioBy applying you agree you can make it on time and you will turn up.
  4. Thanks @Michael Schwarzolf
  5. Is A3 Sync not updated yet?
  6. Brady Warhorse

    Matt Rodie

    Approved Hello, @Matt Rodie, your application has been approved, you will now move onto the ASVAB stage, please come into TeamSpeak in the “Waiting for Coast Guard” channel and contact a guardsman, with Personnel tags, letting them know you are here for your ASVAB. This message was sent with the implication that you have played on civ during this past week. If that is not the case then come to TS anyway and inform a member of Personnel
  7. Brady Warhorse

    Loxxon Husky - USCG Application

    Copy. Application will be closed and moved to archives
  8. Brady Warhorse

    Unknown Member - Thank You

    Personal Information: Name: Cassian Andor Occupation (KCSO, KCFD, Coast Guard, Civilian): Public defender Member Information: Name, Rank of the KCFD member: Unknown. Whoever was on around 3-5 am est on 7/18/2020 Reason: Amazing RP of the situation at hand at DOC with the RONA victim. Also was very chill with the USCG boys and the DOC officers. Applauds to everyone who let the situation play out. It was definitely fun and the medic on scene was the cherry on top!
  9. Brady Warhorse

    Loxxon Husky - USCG Application

    Applicant is currently employed by KSCO. We are able to do the ASVAB but will have to stop the process at the interview phase if applicant passes the ASVAB. The applicant will have to wait 3 days after leaving KCSO to take part in the interview process
  10. Brady Warhorse


    @Paul Stevens
  11. Brady Warhorse


    Denied Hello, @Paul Stevens, your application has been denied, for the following reason: Failed ASVAB You may reapply in fourteen (14) days Sincerely, Brady Warhorse
  12. Brady Warhorse

    [EVENT] Faction Wars - Saturday 10PM BST

    Well I mean. They aren’t here to kill people. They are only good at 3 things. Role play, pressing F, and driving/flying. Now unless they are resident sleepers of gunplay... Let’s say it will be fun to watch
  13. Brady Warhorse

    Jim West

    Denied Hello, Jim West, your application has been denied, for the following reason: Failed Asvab You may reapply on 7/26/2020 Sincerely, Brady Warhorse
  14. Brady Warhorse

    [EVENT] Faction Wars - Saturday 10PM BST

    Uhhh. 2 things. What if the medics win? And is there 31 medics?
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