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  1. Trey Dwyer

    Trey Hankee Coast Guard Application

    Trey Hankee Steam 64 ID: 76561198084828611 Timezone: Est Age: 18 Have you played on the server as a civilian? (Must be yes otherwise you will be denied) Yes I have Do you have any Law Enforcement Experience? Not on this server but I have extensive experience on past communities such as low command in Metropolis, ALRP, and I’ve played some Taki servers. Asking with ILG from Arma 2. Should you be accepted into the US Coast Guard, what standards and values would you bring and standby here? (Min. 100 Words) Firstly, I believe that you should only follow things that you’re passionate about because if you aren’t then you’re most likely to do it half assed which just isn’t acceptable. If things are done they should be done right and not require further fixing to deal with it. In addition when your in a group, especially in a situation, you are all responsible for eachother and having each others back, and if everyone buys into that teamwork bond as one family then we will always be able to survive on top. Also, you should always respect higher ups or people above you because they have done things and worked to rightly be there (or hopefully they have) so you best listen closely to what they say and follow it to help your success. Lastly, human life is valuable and you should take whatever measures possible to protect as many as you can, current example is I haven’t left my house other than for grocery’s and haven’t seen my girlfriend or anyone since the beginning of quarantine to ensure mine and others safety. Why do you believe honesty, loyalty and integrity are our founding principles? My brother in law, and sister were marines (he just discharged at rank of gunny sgt) and I remember them talking to me about rules like this. If you follow these principles then you will often be in the right and do the right thing, and if you do something wrong it’s best to confess and just face the consequences for your actions and learn from it to move on. If you are honest with everyone then you can’t get caught up in lies, and really being told the truth is one of the best things even if it seems bad because you can’t really be mad about facts. In addition being loyal means your there for whatever you’re loyal to, and if your in this program you should defiantly be loyal to it. Lastly integrity is being true to yourself, and that’s almost one of the most Important because if your not true to yourself then how can you be true to anyone else, and expect trust at all. What do you believe makes a good Guardsman? Ive never been a Gaurdsman before but I’m am truely I treasured and interested in trying out this rare experience. I have past experience from being a Leo and Ems so I know how to work in groups, have flight trainings, some background in boats, and have experience being a higher up and a leader from when I was in SWAT. I can also put a lot of time into this program with having almost 100 hours in just the past week on this island, and having a few instances with CG from being an EMS. I believe a good Gaurdsmen would be committed to their job and to guarding the people in their group and everyone at Kings County (as long as they’re in their jurisdiction). They have to be able to work together and listen, as well as be mature and handle intense situations such as Fort Knox. They need to have leadership skills so lover ranks can look up to them, and always be an example of what an exemplary Gaurdsman would be. Many people don’t speak very fondly of coastguard but I really think that could be changed and that this program will continue to grow and grow if people follow these critical morals and jobs. Anything else you would like to add? I am currently in EMS and would like to join CG, and hopefully once I’m a high enough rank I can because a volunteer for the EMS again. References (Not Mandatory): I haven’t spoke to anyone but I would be interested in a ride along possibly. By signing below, you swear to uphold the law and constitution, to be loyal to your fellow Guardsman, to endeavour to be proactive and relentless in seeking peace and justice, to always be honest, to always be loyal, and to show respect where respect is due. Hankee , Trey
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