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Nick Allen

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  1. Nick Allen

    Los Diablos 4.5.1 [Hotfix Changelog]

    POG BUG FIXES THANK YOU DEVSSSS Rip bitcoin though
  2. Nick Allen

    ANZUSGaming Launcher Beta Sign Up!

    Name: Nick AllenLocation: (State, Country) California (USA)Internet speed: https://gyazo.com/bdc6fe25109376236147ef2bee34e7b9Operating system: WindowsYou agree to keep everything private and not leak anything: Duh
  3. GOOD JOB DEVS WE LOVE U Very nice update
  4. Nick Allen


    A wise man once said "Changes need to be made to retain new players and bring back old players so if you can’t adapt to change then you need to learn to." -Schmal Abbar 2021
  5. Nick Allen


    I like that idea. Maybe have advanced rebel bigger weapons be craft only so u have to make them or u buy it off of others.
  6. Nick Allen


    Once again like I said before. I feel like the wipe is best community wise. Would rather have a full wipe but eco is better then nothing. I know there is a shit ton of people who have grinded there ass off these past months me being one of them aswell. But I feel like to get everyone back into the stride of things after taki and to help get some new players and build a bigger community the wipe would be the best option. Also kings county is god tier. No roundabouts, Good overpasses, Good major and mining/run locations, all the good stuff.
  7. Nick Allen


  8. Nick Allen


    Im all for the wipe, It would be better in the long run. And as for class 3's I mean honestly we basically already have them in rebel at this point with how many were on the black market. But this would definitely add back more PVP. Also for the Kamdan Major Crime. I kinda agree with that but I feel like it should be tweaked a little and just add to the rule that if specified in dispatch that they have a hostage, They should negotiate like normal. Because honestly there is very good RP in negotiations if done right.
  9. Nick Allen

    Purge or Takistan? Community Discussion/Vote

    Personally I'm not a big fan of taki life, But I do think it makes the most sense from a community standpoint. We've had quite a few purges in the past and they usually die within a matter of days. While yes they are fun taki would definitely let everyone get there inner terrorist out and then get fully back into RP mode once all the new stuff comes in 4.5. So +1 for taki even though I voted purge at first
  10. MEDIC JETPACK?????????????????????????????????????? POOGGGGGGGG
  11. ANOTHER POGGG UPDATE, Good job dev team.
  12. Nick Allen

    A few community changes

    Sounds amazing
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