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Nick Allen

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  1. Nick Allen

    Purge or Takistan? Community Discussion/Vote

    Personally I'm not a big fan of taki life, But I do think it makes the most sense from a community standpoint. We've had quite a few purges in the past and they usually die within a matter of days. While yes they are fun taki would definitely let everyone get there inner terrorist out and then get fully back into RP mode once all the new stuff comes in 4.5. So +1 for taki even though I voted purge at first
  2. MEDIC JETPACK?????????????????????????????????????? POOGGGGGGGG
  3. ANOTHER POGGG UPDATE, Good job dev team.
  4. Nick Allen

    A few community changes

    Sounds amazing
  5. Nick Allen

    4.0 full release information/details etc

    "If that doesn't work we will add back normal rebel but have advanced rebel in the darkweb/crafting" I like this one the most personally. But I am all for trying out the new things and im excited to see waht happens. Good work devs
  6. Nick Allen

    Kings Peaks Changelog

    sick man
  7. Nick Allen

    The 4.0 Announcement!

  8. Nick Allen

    [EVENTS] Today and Tomorrow

    Name:Nick Gravy Talent:Stand up comedy
  9. Nick Allen

    Events, Purge, 4.0 and a few other things

    I'm so excited. Great job with all the sneak peaks, they really got me pumped. May the purge begin. Also just my opinion, We should wipe everything (Money,Perks/Levels,Cars,Homes)
  10. Waiting for you to get 1k content! 😮


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mort Higgins

      Mort Higgins

      Didn't take you that long @Nick Gravy 🤣

    3. Nick Allen

      Nick Allen

      Hahaha Ayyy I totally forgot about this. Wow. @Mort Higgins

    4. Mort Higgins

      Mort Higgins

      Haha, now I am waiting for you to get 2,000 content! :)

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