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Nick Gravy

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  1. Nick Gravy


    Yo do more of these. This was actually really fun. GG everyone
  2. Nick Gravy

    New Trial Major Crime Ruleset

  3. I love the new NASA major. Great job!
  4. Where did u go mannnn???? 

  5. Nick Gravy

    Moon Inc - Expansion / Help Wanted

    He posted a thread called "The truth about anzus" He spreaded lies about all high command people and doug. And then deleted it when people called him out.
  6. Nick Gravy

    Moon Inc - Expansion / Help Wanted

    same lmao
  7. lol stan respond to ur TrUtH AbOuT AnZUs

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Stan Moon

      Stan Moon

      @Nick Gravy Just mad that the factions be out here blacklisting.

    3. Stan Moon

      Stan Moon

      @Nick Gravy apparently calling doug Toxic is perm... 

    4. Nick Gravy

      Nick Gravy

      Are you rfc’d?

  8. Nick Gravy

    Moon Inc - Expansion / Help Wanted

    This aged well
  9. Absolutely Amazing. I gotta give it to u doug and the staff team. Y'all ALWAYS Deliver. Also, Why DOC gotta tennis court HAHAHAHA.. POG
  10. Do i have permission to use ur gif signature thing ? : )

    1. Mort Higgins

      Mort Higgins

      If you are talking about the kirby then sure :) 

  11. Nick Gravy

    [SERVER EVENT] Solo Wars [Next weekend]

    This is gonna be one hell of a show 💀 May the winner forever have bragging rights
  12. ^Facts. Also why is there 6 people on auss rn including me
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