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Dillon Henderson

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  1. Dillon Henderson

    Dillon Henderson direct entry NCO application

    General Information: Name: Dillon Henderson Age: 22 Date of Birth: 24AUG1998 Timezone: PST Applicant Questions: What is your past experience with a leadership role, either IRL, in the KCSO/USCG or elsewhere: I am currently the Assistant Chief of KCRS. My experience with Milsim dates back to the days of Battlefield 3 and have included various other games including Arma 2 and 3. IRL I am currently Active duty in the US Army with 4 years of TIS thus far and i am a graduate of Basic Leadership Course which is a required course for becoming an NCO. I have also held and continue to hold NCO level seats in various environments both CONUS and OCONUS. Regarding my specific MOS and duties in the Army i would rather not give that out on a open thread however i can elaborate a bit in an interview if it comes to that. Why do you want to become a non-commissioned officer: I simply enjoy operating in a leadership role and furthering the enjoyment and experience of other participants. I also feel that my extensive experience can further benefit the MilSim environment. What skills do you possess that would make you an effective non-commissioned officer: I have literal training the duties of Army leadership at the NCO level. As well as i have spent many hours conducting Milsim ops so i can bring a sense of realism to the environment while understanding the limits of Arma and the expectations of those above and below me. How long have you been part of ANZUS, have you ever been banned or warned: I have been with Anzus since May 2020. I have never been banned, i did receive a 0 point warning for combat revving when i was new to medic and was confused about the difference between Code 4 and DNR. Why should we pick you over others: Simply put I have a significant amount of experience in all relevant aspects of leadership roles within Milsim, Anzus Life, and Real Life.
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