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  1. Name: Jack Kings Age: 16 Date of Birth: 02/10/04 Timezone: PST Application Question Do you have any previous Milsim experience: Yes I've had prior Milsim experience as a rotary pilot and a fixed wing pilot over a year ago on a much smaller scale. I've never really had the chance to participate as a pilot in larger Milsim groups. Although I have played with several Milsim groups of much smaller scales. Have you ever been banned from AnzusGaming: No. Why do you want to become a fixed wing pilot?: [50 Word Minimum] As I said previously I've been flying jets for a very long time on Arma 3 and I did stop for a while but I've just recently managed to get back into flying again. Every time I've flown it's always been a really great experience. I've had time to play on a lot of invade and annex servers as a pilot which is relatively close to Milsim events without any mods, I feel that it's a good time to take a step up into a more realistic flying scene again. Becoming a fixed wing pilot would definitely be a lot more fun than my current position in the Milsim Group. Why should we chose you over anyone else?: [50 Word Minimum] I'd be good candidate because I've honestly spent a large amount of time flying aircraft on Arma with and without ACE. I know a lot about Arma's flight system and I've been in a few smaller scale milsim groups as a fixed wing pilot so I do have experience. Plus I've already got the gist of being a pilot and I'm pretty skilled at flying and landing aircraft which is a quality that all pilots should have.
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