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Oliver Blax

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  1. Oliver Blax

    New Trial Major Crime Ruleset

    band kid warning
  2. Oliver Blax

    Kappa Wax Complaint.

    Under review. You may expect a judgment as early as 9/15/20 and no later than 9/20/20.
  3. Oliver Blax

    Kings County 3.9 [BIGGEST UPDATE SINCE 3.0]

    Each legal item sells for $200 per, now they sell for $250 per
  4. Oliver Blax

    Kings County 3.9 [BIGGEST UPDATE SINCE 3.0]

    I need new underwear. Doug have my kids.
  5. Oliver Blax

    Looking for 4 official gangs

    Gang Name: Ram Ranch Gang Leader: Chris Hansen Gang Leader Discord: Tactical Fried Chicken#0001 Do you have a uniform available: Yes, already implemented. List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID): Member 1: Chris Hamburg (76561198039490913) Member 2: Dan Miller (76561198062717084) Member 3: Edd Miller (76561198271879871) Member 4: Jaxon Russell (76561198079398033) Member 5: Oliver Blax (76561198071325161) Member 6: Jackson McNeil (76561198131513644) Member 7: Tommy Blax (76561198210500512) Member 8: Pittie Smith (76561198064166960) Member 9: Jack Blax (76561198179566502) Member 10: Jabbers Macdonald (76561198035603429) Member 11: John Antonio (76561198218505200) Member 12: Bob Wennington (76561198141665239) Member 13: Johnny Robbing (76561198207098369) Member 14: Danifus Max (76561198044969338) Member 15: Paul Stevens (76561198264142600) Member 16: Pablo Ramirez (76561198027687561) Member 17: Nick Smith (76561198126332836) Member 18: Romeo Papa (76561198230444428) Member 19: Dillon Oskwitz (76561198071162289) Member 20: Minister Turbskie ( 76561198399912468) Member 21: Alex Maddok (76561198091159573) Member 22: Charlie Miller (76561198044083837) Member 23: James Reginald ( 76561198072847792) Member 24: Blake Johnson ( 76561198243079634) Member 25: Matt Avocado ( 76561198170193155) Member 26: Jason Marlito (76561197995133045) Member 27: Greg Fish (76561198085315744)
  6. Oliver Blax

    Christopher Sprinting - Gun store name change

    Dies Irae, Dies Illa, solvet saeclum in favilla.
  7. Oliver Blax

    United States Coast Guard Application

    On-Hold Hello, @Chase Maluck, your application has been put On-Hold for the following reason: Please elaborate on why you believe our founding principles are what they are, and elaborate on why a good guardsman in someone who can listen, learn, and achieve and what that means. Sincerely, Oliver Blax
  8. I've wanted a firearm registry for so long.
  9. Oliver Blax

    Call to take the Kings County Bar | July 2020

    @Raiden Cash @Dan Adams @kingdakota4 @Cece Edward @Loxxon Husky @Riley Smouch @Noah Wolf @Jay Schwartz @Nick Baker You have until tomorrow 6PM EST to finish your exam and report that you have submitted it here.
  10. Hey, that's pretty good.
  11. Oliver Blax

    Bar Association Complaint Form

    Bar Association Complaint Form Bar Association Guidelines Rules of Professional Conduct(R.P.C.) Your Information Your name: Your faction and position(if any): Relationship to the person in question: Incident Information Name of the person you are Reporting: Occupation of the person you are reporting (Private Lawyer, Public Defender, Prosecutor): Rule(s) of the R.P.C. alleged to be broken or other questionable acts such as crimes or breach of privilege: Statement of the incident: Evidence:
  12. Oliver Blax

    New Policies and Rule Sets [Majors, ACU and more]

    Why are we meant to push in? If we don't push in you can't get out. You're committing a crime, usually the bank robbers don't play the defensive once they have the money...
  13. I can finally use my hunting rifle! Class 1B legal gang!
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