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  1. Cameron Bush

    Custom faces

    Most people talk to me and I look like an qss and that’s usually to make an overpriced fashion statement accompanied by shit haircuts and accessories. Exactly most faces have backstories and stuff you can speak about them and makes you unique, unsure what the second part of your sentence means but like making faces is super easy I used to make face tattoos on other servers and people loved them.
  2. Cameron Bush

    Custom faces

    Simple really, bring back the ability to use your own custom faces as it makes people more interesting and unique, if people use cancer ones give points.
  3. Cameron Bush

    Standard Anzus Buildings

    i have actually however your partner doesnt move an inch
  4. Cameron Bush

    Standard Anzus Buildings

    dont complain about the buildings after you chuck a mag at an empty door.
  5. Cameron Bush

    The Purge

    Good way to lose money kappa
  6. Cameron Bush

    9000 Member giveaway!

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