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Benito Martinez

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  1. Benito Martinez

    Tory Lanez - Rotary aviation app

    General Information: Name: Tory Lanez Age: 17 Date of Birth: 30/01/2003 Timezone: CST Application Questions Do you have any previous Milsim experience: On BF4 Have you ever been banned from AnzusGaming [If yes, expand]: No Why do you want to become a rotary pilot?: [50 Word Minimum] I want to be a rotary pilot because since I’ve been playing Arma 3 I’ve always liked flying helicopters, I’ve spent loads of time on the editor and in servers practicing flying and all that and over the time I believe I got pretty good at it, I also want to expand my milsim experiences. Why should we chose you over anyone else?: [50 Word Minimum] You should choose me over anyone else mostly because I’m an experienced pilot, can work under stress, have experience with combat maneuvers, autorotation, combat landing and other rotary aviation techniques. I’ve also flown on some KOTH servers which can get pretty hectic at times.
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