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    Josh Wright | Rotary Application

    Name: Josh Wright Age: 16 Date of Birth: 25/11/2003 Timezone: GMT/BST Application Questions Do you have any previous Milsim experience: Milsim I have been in multiple milsims, the longest running one had 50+ members and focused on mercenary-esque "roleplay" and operations. It was semi-serious and I found it quite fun to experience and play with new people from across the World. It was made up of multiple squads with command structure that used precise radio communications to ensure the smoothest play possible. Roles In the milsims I served as an LMG, HMG, JTAC, 2IC and SL in certain squads and eventually joined the Pilot squad and became the 2IC for that squad of 4. Each role gave me a certain experience and I believe I can safely say my expertise lie within combined arms roles, calling in air support and being the support when needed. Pilot As I pilot I was part of both fixed-wing and rotary and have many hours of experience in both. I have experience in MEDEVAC, CAS, ISR, Transport and Command (I had command of the airspace as 2IC frequently and made sure the best aircraft were chosen and taken out when needed. Have you ever been banned from AnzusGaming [If yes, expand]: No. Why do you want to become a rotary pilot?: [50 Word Minimum] I want to become a rotary pilot in particular as I believe my experience is more suited to rotary and I find its dynamic nature to be intriguing as every situation is difficult and often poses a threat where the slightest mistake can cause larger problems. I also thoroughly enjoyed my time as a rotary pilot and the friends I had within the squad and hope that i can make the same connection with more people. I also find comfort in knowing my skill with rotary is good enough and I know most aircraft well with my 1,500+ hours in arma, many of which being inside aircraft. Althought I can fly fixed-wing, I overall find it less interesting than rotary as I find it too easy to engage targets with little vulnerability. Why should we chose you over anyone else?: [50 Word Minimum] I believe my overall experience in every aspect of piloting gives me a great advantage to see every event and situation and know exactly what to do when necessary. As 2IC I had to be proficient in every circumstance and often took command when the SL was not available, this gives me the unique opportunity of not only knowing how to be apart of a functioning squad but leading it smoothly and effectively.
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