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Skym Radja

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  1. Skym Radja

    Skym Radja EMS APP.

    Personal Information Name: Skym Radja Age: 18 Steam 64UID:76561198205087339 Timezone: GMT +1 General Information How many hours a week can you dedicate the KMD? 9-21 hours Are you in the State Police and applying to be a volunteer Firefighter/EMT? No i'm in the state police so i cant, if i was i would have. Why would you like to join the Kamdan Fire Department? (100 words minimum): The reason i would like to join the EMS/FD is because i would be a new Experience for me in Kamdan, i've been in the island for a while and would like to see a different side of things. That is obviously not the only reason i want to join the Kamdan EMS/FD, another reason is because i would like to help the other people on Kamdan (ie. helping newer player/giving people directions). As a civ this is really hard to do but as a EMS/FD this will be alot easier. The last reason i would like to join the EMS/FD is because im looking for a more chill experience on the server in sted of watching over my back to see if anyone is trying to rob me(of course this will interfere with my duties as the EMS/FD). What are your previous experiences with being in a FD/EMS? (If any): I've been a official medic on two server(old arma servers like ALRP), and also on a altis life server(forgot wich server). What makes a good EMT in your opinion? (100 words minimum): The thing that makes a good EMT is someone who is a EMT not for himself but for the other players, he/she should not be a medic for the money(afking fo the paychecks) but to help people and make sure people dont die. EMT should know all the rules( EMT handbook and server rules), a good emt always has the right equipment and knows how to use radio codes in the right way. The last two things are that an EMT should know is how to adapt to a situation, so to never put himself or others in unnecessary dangerous situations. at last an EMT should be unbiased towards every party in the island of kamdan and help everyone regardless of his or her feelings and emotions to the other person. Anything that you would like to add?: the reasons why i should be pick over other applicants is because i would be a involed EMT that whould have most of the qualities i just wrote in the paragraph above, also i have been a EMT on other server therefore i have the experience to be an EMT.
  2. Skym Radja

    9000 Member giveaway!

    464 the first time i wrote this i wasnt logged in but this IS my number
  3. Skym Radja

    comp. request

    Name: Skym Radja Steam64ID:76561198205087339 Date of Incident: 29-07-2019 Time of Incident (GMT+1): 22:30 Amount your claiming: 50k/60k Description of situation: where in a heli got shot down and fell through the floor so coudnt be revived Items on me: RPK and a knife from rebel(you can see the knife at 1 min) the is some basic rebel stuff(cloths and vit. items) Evidence:
  4. Skym Radja

    Hacker killed me

    Name: skym radja Steam64ID: 76561198205087339 Date of Incident: 20-07-2019 Time of Incident (gmt): 19:30 Amount your claiming: 100K One rifle(30 mags) One pistol(10 mags) Basic Rebel outfit Basic Virtual items + Uranium Description of situation: We where gonna do i simpel heli uranium run but a hacker killed us I put my gun in my bag and have no idea if i can get comp for that WATCH TILL THE END YOU CAN SEE MY GEAR GLITCHING OUT AND ME BLEEDING OUT. Evidence:
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