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Lewis Craven

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  1. Lewis Craven

    Kings County Governor Election

    Roleplay name: Lewis CravenSteam64id: 76561198243280158Roleplay backstory/presidential backstory: Legalize all illegal drugs and shit on the server and to banish all the children and toxic children from Kings County and charge them with espionage
  2. Lewis Craven

    The car change vote [D3S or Ivory/HL]

    @Doug Jumper is it possible to make a small Video of what the Ivory & Homelife Vehicles to compare the difference
  3. @Thorne Corleone Well if your revived by FD, then you are required to do what the EMT tells you too but CPR'd by Civ don't think so unless it puts you down to 5% and you can't bandage yourself
  4. Lewis Craven

    Looking for 10 official gangs for Kamdan Life 2.0

    Gang Name: Umbrella Corporation Gang Leader: Lewis Craven Gang Leader Discord: Craven #5493 Do you have a uniform available: Completed, just ask for download link List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID): Member 1: Lewis Craven (76561198243280158) Member 2: Kevin Winchester (76561198024200419) Member 3: Joshua Jones (76561198170288478) Member 4: Robbo Strife (76561198163614992) Member 5: Danny Conway (76561198132608240) Member 6: Marco Rizzuto (76561198141257739) Member 7: Loopy Forelli (76561198400371594) Member 8: Zico Forelli (76561198125253619) Member 9: Avon (76561198256290226)
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