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Matt Pad

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  1. Matt Pad

    Issac Dick v. Alaska State Troopers

    This evening i am avalable from now to 10PM EST
  2. Matt Pad

    Issac Dick v. Alaska State Troopers

    I will not be avalible tomorrow however I will be avalible 9AM EST - 7PM EST Sunday - Friday
  3. Matt Pad

    Updating the Bar Database

    Your name: Matt Frost Bar no: 4010053 Occupation: Assistant public defender
  4. Matt Pad

    Issac Dick v. Alaska State Troopers

    Your Honor My client wishes to continue with this case Best Regards Matt Frost
  5. Matt Pad

    Matt Frost - Role Request

    Your Name: Matt Frost Role Requested: Bar Cert/Assistant public defenderProof of Role (I.E, Roster, Bar Admission Announcement, ETC): Gov roster
  6. Matt Pad

    Matt Frost - Payment Request

    Your Name: Matt Frost Your Position/Rank: Deputy Public Defender Money Recipient: Matt Frost Agency/Department/Company filing on behalf of: Public Defenders Office Amount requested: 40k (was told this was the ammount) Reason for withdraw: 1x Criminal Defense case logged Do you confirm you are authorised on behalf of the agency or department you are filing for to request such funds: yes Do you understand that misuse of funds is a criminal offense and you will be prosecuted if found doing so: yes
  7. I require such to practice as a public defender whilst i wait for my BAR certification
  8. Name: Matt Frost Age: 17 Do you currently possess a BAR license?: N Have you been convicted in the last week of any felonies?: N Please list any previous experience as a litigator below, or any other relevant experience: Why do you want to join the Public Defenders Office?: (50-100 words) The reason why I would like to join the Public Defenders Office is to get more involved with the legal system. I have been very interested lately in the process of being a public defender and I hope I will be able to experience the legal system in a good way whilst helping people out. Do you affirm that to the best of your knowledge the information above is correct?: Y
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