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  1. Steve Reed

    Mike's Comp Request

    Denied Hello, After reviewing your evidence i will be denying your comp request. (Restarts are scheduled & are always on set time's. You will need to judge your time better if you are doing a run close to restart. ) Sincerely, Steve Reed - Administrator
  2. Steve Reed

    Compensation request

    Denied Hello, After reviewing your evidence i will be denying your comp request. (There are scheduled restart for a reason and that are always on the same time, If you are going to hit a fed you should allow for time including: The length of the gunfight and the time needed to retrieve and sell the gold bars) Sincerely, Steve Reed - Administrator
  3. Steve Reed

    Girlfriend of Anzus

    Weird Flex but K
  4. Steve Reed

    Girlfriend of Anzus

  5. Steve Reed

    Player Report

    Report Closed Hello, Now that evidence has been reviewed, @Cole Snow You will be receiving 10 points for breaking rule/s (6.7 (NLR)) Sincerely, Steve Reed - Administrator
  6. Steve Reed

    Drake dilgido f word report

    Report Closed Hello, Now that evidence has been reviewed, No points will be issued. Sincerely, Steve Reed - Administrator
  7. Steve Reed

    Sinaloa Cartel - Gang Recruitment [OFFICIAL GANG]

    Name: Reaper Little Age: 21 Date of Birth: 03/30/1998 Note: You will require 2 references from Corporal+ for your application to be processed How did you require these references? 1. For Mr Fernando, I had past experience with him and he's helped me quite a bit, gave me money and advice so i simply asked him for a reference to the KSP. 2. I did a ride-along for Rippa which i gained some info Why would you like to join the Kamdan State Police? (100 words minimum): I'd like to enter the Kamdan State Police because i feel like I wish to achieve a bit more roleplay in Kamdan other than being a civilian, civilian has its aspects, but not for me as a person, most my interactions are with the Law enforcement on most islands that I arrive on, I've had plenty of interactions with the law enforcement on Kamdan and would like to seek more experience in the Kamdan State Police, I wish to do the best of my abilities to help enforce laws and keep civilians away from harm. The Kamdan State Police has some enjoyable personnel such as Captain Fernando, Sergeant, now Lieutenant Anthony Wells, these two helped my questions when I was in prison for my actions and helped me turn a new leaf which brought me to seeking a new job among the Kamdan State Police department. I wish to learn and strive from new experiences and I hope I can get the chance to do that here in Kamdan. What are your previous experiences with being an LEO? (If any): 1. Dark Ares Gaming [DAG] - Captain went by J. Burrus 2. Refugee Gaming [RG] - Sheriff went by J. Burrus (Video evidence can be provided) 3. A3L - Cadet - went by J. Burrus 4. ILG [Island Life Gaming] - Internal Affairs / Lieutenant went by J. Burrus partnered with Tazzie then became S.W.A.T Certified (Video evidence can be provided) 5. There's more, but its hard to remember half the communities. What makes a good Officer in your opinion? (100 words minimum): The biggest things that start the foundations of a good and resourceful officer is their attitude and truthfulness, the attitude determines whether or not the civilians OR fellow officers interactions with you are good, if you have a bad attitude when you arrive on scene then that civilian isn't going to want to comply, I've seen many officers act in an idiotic fashion and without respect for that human being. The truthfulness of the officer helps with trust, if other LEO's have that officers trust then it'll help when they require him/her for something useful. Out of everything all cops should show some bit of respect even if the civilian in question is talking bad about you or a fellow LEO, showing that respect proves you can be a professional officer. Anything that you would like to add?: I've been playing Arma Life for awhile now, I'm now 21, still playing and dedicating time and effort to the Law Enforcement. I've always managed to try to help as best as I could in any scenario and by all means I am a "snitch" I'd also like to state that most of my roleplay is acting as a girl sometimes, so beware! I'm a pretty cool guy once you get to know me so stop by and talk with me if you wish, I got many of stories and I love to share and have a good laugh Thank you for reading my application and I hope you take it with all seriousness - Reaper Little
  8. Steve Reed

    Anthony Wells Report

    It also falls under the new rule added a little bit ago 4.13 – You must initiate or be being initiated on to be allowed to knock someone out and rob them. which is under (you can not initiate on someone in a safe zone
  9. Steve Reed

    Anthony Wells Report

    My understanding according to SMT and other staff member is knocking out falls under harming people because it is a action of swinging and hitting someone on the head. unless the rule is changed and states that knocking out is not included. it will be classified as safe zone breach
  10. Steve Reed

    Anthony Wells Report

    No need to constantly post about rules, Thank you for your side of the story Anthony if you feel that you need to add anything else including evidence feel free to at any time. I will pass this report onto the proper staff members. :)
  11. Steve Reed

    Kelly Ramirez Compensation Request

    SMH Kelly
  12. Steve Reed

    Steve Reed (Very unreasonable person)

    I apologise for any action towards you that may have seem unprofessional or rude in the situation but here is where i stand. On logging on to the server i opened my map to see which officers where on duty and seeing who i could possible patrol with. When i opened my map i noticed the meth van just outside PD near the Burglary store and i asked Captain of sheriff Paul Phantom if we could respond. Paul and i lingered around the area looking at how many there were and what our plan was until Mr Chandler Initated on me from behind a wall where i couldn't see him after he initiated on me paul killed him and i killed his friend. A few minutes pass by and a medic rolled up and revived Mr Chandler, as soon as Chandler got up he asked the medic for special treatment to go to the hospital for a minor concision and he also said because a small tsunami was coming only to him personally ( he was saying that he needed to leave or was going to leave) after the medic releasing him from medical custody and i had him restrained and said. "oh well time to go" and alt f4'ed from the situation after he left the server i had a small conversation saying that he wasn't allowed to leave after a gun fight if he is being arrest and he told me that he didn't care so i admittedly kick him from the server for being a smart ass and rude to myself. He rejoins the TS and pokes me calling me a Goon ( Evidence supplied below) so i kicked him for staff disrespect. I 100% own up to all my action's https://gyazo.com/951dfa6596f7221afacc4ead14e762f7 https://gyazo.com/056071f71fcbc315a8ed21a5fb7c3fc6
  13. Steve Reed

    Drake dilgido f word report

    Under Review Hello, I will be taking this case as i find the video has sufficient evidence. @Jack Di'Pinto You have been reported for Disrespect You Have 24 hrs to respond with your side of the story. Sincerely, Steve Reed - Administrator
  14. Steve Reed

    Player Report

    Under Review Hello, I will be taking this case as i find the video has sufficient evidence. @Cole Snow You have been reported for 6.7 - Re engaging in a fire fight after death You Have 24 hrs to respond with your side of the story. Sincerely, Steve Reed - Administrator
  15. Steve Reed

    Louis Cox Player Report

    Under Review Hello, I will be taking this case as i find the video has sufficient evidence. @louis cox You have been reported for Combat Log You Have 24 hrs to respond with your side of the story or evidence showing that your game crashed Also @Jordan Gilbert, Would you be able to PM me that staff members name. Sincerely, Steve Reed - Administrator
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