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  1. Robin Bank

    New Trial Major Crime Ruleset

    7.17 - If a major is active and another major goes off, that major can only be called off if less than 1:1.5 can respond initially. This is deemed by the highest ranking cop online. (I think this is a great change) 7.15 - Civilians can not have more than 8 people robbing a major crime at one time. (New) ( This is really bad because fort knox is just impossible with 8 people its pretty much like a suicide mission going 8 vs 23 cops this is like a 1% win chance ) 7.16 - A maximum of 2 barriers can be used at a major crime. (New) ( Bad change in my opinion max should atleast be 3 since it will be balanced having a maximum limit is great so abuse will be avoided such as having 5-10 barriers )
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