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  1. Abdul Raheem

    Mahmoud Hamid Application

    Name (In Role play): Mahmoud Hamid Steam 64 ID: 76561198139076299 Timezone: EST Age: 21 Have you played on the server as a civilian? (Must be yes otherwise you will be denied) : Yes Do you have any Law Enforcement Experience? : No Should you be accepted into the US Coast Guard, what standards and values would you bring and standby here? (Min. 100 Words) : The standards that I would bring, would be those pertaining to the three founding principles. In that I would in my best efforts strive to show honesty, loyalty, and integrity, by my efforts. I would add to the whole environment of RP, for example I would make sure to go to great lengths. To provide a fun experience for all, when out on duty. It will be my duty to make sure that the coast is secure. Going back to the three principles, I would show my honesty by doing the right thing. In that the great server handbook would be followed, and this portion can be tied into with integrity. As those two aspects go hand in hand. It is important to adhere to the SOPs and also provide a pleasant experience for others. Finally the third aspect which I would provide is loyalty, in the sense that I would stay with my comrades. In an effort to become strong as a unit. Why do you believe honesty, loyalty and integrity are our founding principles?: I believe that honesty is an important trait, as it is crucial to be honest to oneself, and others. This is because it will make sure that a higher standard is established, by maintaining a level of decorum. This trait can be combined with that of integrity, in that it is important to adhere to rules, and commands. In order to establish a higher standard, and to show professionalism. The trait of loyalty is important, and I believe this because it is important to stay strong together. The longer a group of individuals stay together. The stronger they will get together, and it is important to maintain a level of trust within others. In that your comrades will have your back, and you will have theirs. What do you believe makes a good Guardsman?: I believe that the characteristics of a good Guardsman, is somebody who adheres to the SOPs. As well as shows the three traits of honesty, loyalty, and integrity. Those I think are the foundations of a good Guardsman. I think more to add on that topic would be, someone who adds to the community in a positive light. In the sense that an interaction with that member, will be leaving someone in a great mood. Regardless of the situation, it is important to make sure that the situation is handled professionally, and it is well received. In the sense that it adheres to the server rules, and it comes off as a good example of RP. It is important to follow through with all the rules, and listen to the superiors. I think all of the aspects that I wrote about, are the core of a good Guardsman. Anything else you would like to add?: No References (Not Mandatory): N/A By signing below, you swear to uphold the law and constitution, to be loyal to your fellow Guardsman, to endeavour to be proactive and relentless in seeking peace and justice, to always be honest, to always be loyal, and to show respect where respect is due. Hamid, Mahmoud
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