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Jack Noble

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  1. Jack Noble

    cg stuff init

    Hello, @Tahara Akio, your application cooldown has been extended for the following reason: 3 Month USCG blacklist for your attitude to Personnel after being denied. You may reapply once the blacklist has concluded. Sincerely, Jack Noble
  2. Jack Noble

    cg stuff init

    Denied Hello, @Tahara Akio, your application has been denied, for the following reason: Come back in a month with a more mature application. You may reapply in twenty-eight (28) days Sincerely, Jack Noble
  3. Jack Noble

    Deacon Shepherd - Reenlistment Application

    Denied Hello, @Deacon Cade your application has been denied, for the following reason: Denied by command. You may reapply in seven (7) days Sincerely, Jack Noble
  4. Jack Noble

    Bailey Sinclair Enlistment Application

    Denied Hello, @Bailey Sinclair your application has been denied, for the following reason: Failed ASVAB You may reapply in fourteen (14) days Sincerely, Jack Noble
  5. Jack Noble

    USCG: Re-enlistment Application - Andrew Williamson

    @Andrew Williamson Applications are currently closed until Takistan ends, this will be put on hold until then.
  6. Jack Noble

    Coast guard app MIKE BUD

    @Mike Bud Please apply using the correct template.
  7. Jack Noble

    Ulrik Blizz - Reenlistment

    Denied Hello, @Ulrik Laxdal, your application has been denied, for the following reason: You received a bad conduct discharge, therefore do not qualify for re-enlistment. You may reapply via the regular enlistment form. Sincerely, Jack Noble
  8. Jack Noble

    USCG Recruitment

    You can do it whenever, as long as there is someone (USCG Personnel or Command) online to give the ASVAB to you.
  9. Jack Noble


    Approved Hello, @Demetrius Demarucs, your application has been approved, you will now move onto the ASVAB stage, please come into TeamSpeak in the “Waiting for Personnel” channel and contact a guardsman, with Personnel tags, letting them know you are here for your ASVAB. Failure to take ASVAB and the Interview within 72 hours will result in denial. Sincerely, Jack Noble
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