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  1. Braid Atwell

    Sinaloa Cartel - Gang Recruitment [OFFICIAL GANG]

    In-game name: Braid Atwell Age: 18 Steam64ID:76561198317726585 Timezone:cst Total hours in Arma 3:1285 How active are you: active Why would you like to join: im a great fragger
  2. Braid Atwell

    9000 Member giveaway!

  3. Braid Atwell

    Gary Hernandez Player Report

    ill take the points sorry man i already been to jail for that warrant and i was just mad ill take the points have a nice day
  4. Braid Atwell

    Jaguar Giveaway [7000 members]

  5. Braid Atwell

    Playboy's Recruitment (cutom uniform/car)

    In-game name: Braid Rosso Hours in Arma 3: 1,103 Age: 18 in a month Bank Balance: 200k Do you have the rebel perk?: Yes How active are you: I play everyday Any earlier bans: Nope i do have 15 points Country and time zone: USA / CST Do you speak fluent English: Yes Steam64 ID: 76561198317726585 Quick little explanation on why you would want to join: i want to be apart of something different and actually good (I understand if u think im cute 😉) your not cute your hot XD
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