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  1. Personal Information: Name: Metro Boomin Age: 19 Steam64ID: 76561198445645622 Country of Residence & Time zone: United States, Eastern-Standard Time Discord ID: ChristopherR#0312 Character Questions: Do you currently possess a BAR license?: Y/N - Took the exam today (No) Have you been convicted of any felonies in the last week?: Y/N (No) If applicable, please list any previous experience as a Public Defender, or any other relevant experience(N/A if none): N/A Why do you want to join the Public Defenders Office?: (50-100 words) I see a lot of injustice in court cases, and a massive lack of representation in hearings where defendants are only given the option to defend themselves or be found guilty by default, I want to change that. I am very active on Anzus and if I can start defending people and giving them proper legal counsel to reduce or get rid of their sentencing, that would make my time on Anzus feel more worthwhile. I like debating, I think I'm good at it, and if I can do it in a legal way rather than arguing with random people at Pine City than this is a great alternative. Personal Questions: Are you able to fluently speak and understand English?: Y/N Yes Have you been a part of the Public Defenders Office in the past?: Y/N No Why should you be accepted into the Public Defenders Office?: (50-100 words) I am a very passionate person. If given the chance to represent a citizen accused of a crime, I will do my absolute best to get them the best possible outcome. I am driven by other people's happiness, as much as I enjoy the debating aspect and arguing on my clients behalf, my favorite part will be their friendly, grateful, and happy demeanor after they are acquitted. I should be accepted because I am willing to work hard at this job and give all citizens better access to legal representation. Having an attorney is very important to the well-being of fellow islanders, and seeing as it is pretty scarce from personal experience I would like to be the one to change that in every possible way. Thank you for reviewing my application, I do hope that is suffices. Do you affirm that, to the best of your knowledge, the information above is correct?: Y/N Yes https://ak.fd.org/sites/ak.fd.org/files/ak-logo_0.png
  2. Metro Boomin

    ANZUSGaming 4.5 Official Trailer

    Oh. My. God.
  3. Metro Boomin

    Brett Ridley

    Applicant Information Corrections Character Name: Brett Ridley Real Life Date of Birth [DD/MM/YY]: [03/28/2002] Timezone/Region (NA/EU/AU/OTHER): NA Steam 64 ID: 76561198445645622 Link to your forum profile: https://www.anzus.life/profile/20080-metro-boomin/ Link to your steam profile: (Must be set to public) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198445645622/ Character Background Why would you like to join the Department of Corrections? (50 words minimum): As someone that has been a police officer in the field for nearly twelve years, I have seen everything from teenage drug busts to partners of mine being murdered in front of me in cold blood. I am motivated to seeing those that are locked up serve their time, punishing bad behavior, and rewarding good behavior. DOC is responsible for the well-being of its inmates, and I intend to make sure that those under our care are given the chance to succeed through the implementation of GED courses, religious opportunity, self-help classes, and proper guidance on how to improve their life inside and outside the Department of Corrections. What can you offer to the Department of Corrections? (50 words minimum): I am certified, qualified and experienced in the following: Restraint techniques, First Aid and CPR Training, Ethical Standards of Conduct. I can offer this Department experience and dedication, activity and maturity, respect and discipline. I can offer two ears that are willing to listen and improve, a mouth that is able to deescalate situations, a nose that can smell a bad apple, and eyes that can observe for self-improvement and team-improvement. Tell us why you should choose you over other applicants. (50 words minimum): I am hard working, disciplined, experienced and committed to ensuring the well-being of inmates and fellow officers. I work well in a team and I work well as an individual. Some traits that help me stand out opposed to other applicants are: Dependability, Reliability, Observant, Leadership-Skills, Excellent Multi-tasker, and a team player. I want to do good work with good people, put in my hours and come home knowing I did my part in making the world a better place. Positivity is key to any successful job venture. But at the end of the day this isn't a job, this is a way of life. I would be responsible for the well-being and safety of our inmates if accepted, that is a huge responsibility and not one I take lightly. This is something I am truly passionate about. Can you dedicate 10 hours minimum a week to your potential job as a Department of Corrections officer to be considered ‘active’ in the eyes of the Department of Corrections?: Yes Additional Details Can you communicate clearly in the English Language? (This is required as we are an English speaking Arma 3 community): Yes Do you have any references within the Department of Corrections?: No Do you agree that if accepted, following your interview you have 14 days to complete your core training or will be discharged from the Department of Corrections?: Yes Do you agree to follow the Standard Operating Procedures, all Announcements and Policies?: Yes Do you agree that if caught lying on the application, it could lead to a blacklist from the Department of Corrections?: Yes Do you agree that you can face unconditional removal if you are found to be corrupt as Department of Corrections?: Yes Applicant's Signature Please sign here: Brett C. Ridley
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