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  1. Trooper's Details Trooperss Name: Drake Wax Your Rank: Senior Dep Your Department: Hwy Your Badge Number: 258 _______________________________________________ Discipline Information Punishing Trooper: Daniel Reddington Their Rank: Lt Their Badge Number: DC-03 i believe? Punishment you where given: 15 points Link to punishment report: _________________________________________________ Please provide in detail on what happened?: What happened was a highway car was stolen and other separate car were attempting to run over me and other officer. The car ran over the officer infront of me then attempted to run me over. when he was about 30 meters away i pulled my firearm and he swerved. I also attempted to lay spikes but ran out due to using them in a earlier engagement. I still shot because he ran over and was actively trying to run officers over. I valued my life and also shot because he means to harm and kill us. Why should your punishment be overturned?: I understand what I did wrong. Use of force. However I will say this. the only reason the officer didn't die is because there is a VDM script in place to prevent people dying. However people should still be treated as code red if they are ACTIVELY running over officers to then ragdoll them and they get out their vehicle to either shoot or rob them. Its abusing mechanics at that point. I've served out majority of my punishment already and would love to see it reduced to either 5 points or completely reduced. I've learned my lesson. I believe i'm still a great officer and this is a minor mess up. A mess up that I will come back from and work my way up from. Do you agree not to message a Major+ to review your appeal?: Yes Do you have any evidence to support your dispute? (Video strongly recommended): yes please message me on discord if you would like the video. Due to the video being result of a IA case etc.
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