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  1. What will the police side of things look like
  2. Great update thank you for devs hard work
  3. Luke Little

    New policies and rule sets [VOTE]

    get a hostage?
  4. Luke Little

    New policies and rule sets [VOTE]

    I voted no on major policy because im tired of going to situations and waiting 10 min for someone with no hostage to say negotiations off. Its just resident sleeper. Voted yes on the player report system because its weeding out all the Salt Reports. People cant just sit while they're dead and rage over someone RDM'ing from miscommunication or something like when I got 10 points for saying someones name by accident because they were salty I shot them.
  5. Luke Little

    New Policies and Rule Sets [Majors, ACU and more]

    Yea the new report policy is a strong positive sometimes its weeds out the petty reports and doesn’t break anyone in game experience
  6. Luke Little

    New Policies and Rule Sets [Majors, ACU and more]

    LMAO I’m not at all opposed to these rules honestly. Can we still shit talk eachother at majors? Or is that considered toxic. @Doug Jumper
  7. Luke Little

    PCML Olympics [After this weekend gang wars]

    Your name: Luke LittleYour partners name: Cjay LittleYour group name: THE G.O.A.T.S
  8. Luke Little

    [Community Vote] Wipe?

    I would say yes to the wipe honestly but the price of the exotic cars needs to be lowered a bit because of you reset everyone’s money now it would be impossible to get one
  9. Luke Little

    One Issue - One Solution

    @Alexander Udinov yes, yes you did.
  10. Luke Little

    One Issue - One Solution

    its kind of the job of a LEO to go into harms way.
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