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  1. Name: Pleb Redd Age: 18 Timezone: est Why would you like to join Shadow Division: I want to be part of a gang were everyone can frag not just me. What could you bring to Shadow Division: I can bring some great frags and be better than the dominos. Hours on Arma (1000+) (If you can frag this may be bypassed but be ready to prove it): I have 1567 hours on Arma Have you read and understand the rules of the server: Steam profile & Steam 64: https://steamcommunity.com/id/tboner15/home 76561198169111604 Discord name: Knife Whore
  2. Pleb Redd

    Electriz Ward - Comp

    Name: Electrtiz Ward Steam64ID: 76561198169111604 Date of Incident: 7/24/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 1:29 Amount your claiming: 100k Description of situation: got in heli crash and medics could not revie do to me being bugged under the map. Evidence: https://gyazo.com/59497f2005fd1189310bb50cc50b6d19 Shows I had bushmaster and gang clothing.
  3. Pleb Redd

    Electriz Ward - Player Report

    Name: Electriz Ward Name of player you are reporting: Jason Womper Date of Incident: 07/22/2019 Time of Incident (EA Time): 12:30 Rule(s) Broken: (copy paste full rule) 4.1 – Killing without valid initiation / without reason is random deathmatch (RDM) and is against the rules Description of Incident: We went to LSD processing and there was a guy saying to help him he is getting robbed, we were walking around nothing was ahppening no shooting. We have seen no shadow division and didnt initatie at all and I was shot. Evidence: Have you already been to support about this incident: No I have not If so what was the result of the support case:
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