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  1. Jack Chapman

    State of Alaska v Jake Uzamaki

    Your honor @Marcus Goldstein, My client wishes to plee guily to: He wishes to plee not guilty to Count 2: §11.1.210 Attempted 2nd Degree Murder. We would also request that the prosecution resolve the access to exhibit A. As it stands this exhibit is not public for ther defence to review and prepare our defence.
  2. Jack Chapman

    State of Alaska v Jake Uzamaki

    Your honor @Marcus Goldstein, I will be acting as @jake sure's legal defence.
  3. Vegan's visiting Sooubway don't forget to highlight that fact for the best possible treatment!
  4. Jack Chapman

    Updating the Bar Database

    Your name: Jack Chapman Bar no: 4020055 Occupation: AST & Revenue (Special Prosecutor)
  5. Your Name: Jack Chapman Your Position: AST Academy Trainer Agency/Department filing on behalf of: AST Academy Link to Appropriation Bill (Or discretionary/emergency if applicable): N/A Amount requested: $60,000 Reason for withdraw: 20+ cases (max payout at 20) within academy, as per reward system. Do you confirm you are authorised on behalf of the agency or department you are filing for to request such funds: Yes Do you understand that misuse of funds is a criminal offense and you will be prosecuted if found doing so: Yes
  6. Applicant Information Name: Jack Chapman Real Life Date of Birth[DD/MM/YY]: 25/02/98 Timezone/Region (NA/EU/AU/OTHER): EU Steam 64 ID: 76561198046689338 Link to your forum profile: https://www.anzus.life/forum/1173-human-resources/?do=add#elUserLink_menu Link to your steam profile: (Must be set to public) https://steamcommunity.com/id/caseter6/ Character Background Why would you like to join the REA? (100 words minimum): I would like to join the REA because I feel like it would be a nice change of pace giving me something else interesting to do other than the usual cop/civ routine. Over the last week or two from my dealings with the revenue team it seems like a fun group and could lead to some good RP beyond the police's usual go here, shoot here process. I also feel it would be a good way for me to develop a better understanding and relationships within the inner workings of the island's government. What skills/talents can you bring to the REA? (75 words minimum): I feel confident I can bring my knowledge of the legal systems to the REA, having been in the AST since 4.0 I am comfortable with the criminal codes and all areas of law surrounding the enforcement of it. I also feel I am good at handing difficult situations when they occur, be it defusing the situation or taking the correct action with quick judgements to resolve them as safely as possible. Throughout my time in AST I've dealt with enough unhappy citizens to understand and empathize with them. I also feel my ability to help teach people who are new will come in useful, from my significant experience in arma over the last 10 years combined with my current role within the AST Academy I feel I’ve proven I’m ready willing and able to help the department in any way I can. Tell us why we should choose you over other applicants. (75 words minimum): My significant previous experience in arma and similar RP environments I think speaks for itself. Having started in A2 back 10 years ago in Takistan I have come a long way since, through my role within the ASTA I understand this island and its workings well, I feel confident I can go on to apply all of this past experience, and my helpful nature to assist the government with its current revenue related issues. Do you have any LEO experience? (If no, please put "N/A"): Held various roles on A2 and A3 servers over the years, I feel the most relevant to mention here is my current position within the AST as a Corporal and trainer in Academy. Additional Details Do you have any references from current serving REA members?: Mort Higgins, Kieran Smith & Andy Davis Are you currently in possession of a BAR Certificate?: No Are you able to work under stressful situations?: Yes, plenty of experience with that in the AST. Do you agree to follow the departmental Standard Operating Procedures, all announcements and any REA policies?: Yes Do you agree that if caught lying on the application, it could lead to a blacklist from the REA / Government?: Yes Do you agree that you will face unconditional removal from the REA if you are found to be corrupt?: Yes Applicant's Signature Please sign your name: Jack Chapman
  7. Name: Casey Chapman Age: 22 Do you currently possess a BAR license?: No Have you been convicted in the last week of any felonies?: No Please list any previous experience as a litigator below, or any other relevant experience: Whilst I do not have any direct experience as a litigator, I do have years of experience within RP/life servers on A2, A3 and various other games. The majority of this experience has been within the police factions and as such I have gained a lot of knowledge of the principles of law and I am currently a serving member of the AST (Jack Chapman). Why do you want to join the Public Defenders Office?: (50-100 words) I would primarily like to join as a public defender as a way to help give back to the community. Far to often I am seeing occasions where people ask for a public defender, but there are none available during certain time zones to assist them. As such I feel I am in a perfect position to help them. More selfishly I see a lot of potential for fun RP interactions whilst carrying out this role. Do you affirm that to the best of your knowledge the information above is correct?: Yes
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