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  1. Luke Hans

    Gun Prices Suggested <----- CHANGE THEM PLZ!

    They are fine the only ones that need to change are the 300k to 150k
  2. Luke Hans

    Rule Suggestion.

    Corruption is roleplay thats why every other division can and is corrupt
  3. Luke Hans

    Rule Suggestion.

    IA corrupt would make PD corrupt... and no one wants that
  4. Luke Hans

    ANZUS Meme Competition [Big Prize Pool]

  5. Luke Hans

    General Remarks - Ideas

    Lmao why?
  6. Luke Hans

    New DOC Idea?!?

    lol na
  7. Luke Hans

    Important Update

    m14 btw
  8. Luke Hans

    Liam Bell - Player Report

    Name: Luke Hans Name of player you are reporting: Liam Bell | 76561198969878180 Date of Incident: 6/12/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): Rule(s) Broken: Exploit Description of Incident: Exploited threw the cell. Evidence:
  9. Luke Hans

    Tiller Street Gang Application

    Now that is epic
  10. Luke Hans

    Skill Points

    i feel like it should be the other way around hard to get money and ez exp
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