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  1. Ben Winter


    I agree with George here, the people who are voting for a wipe are mainly the people who Play cop 99% of the time or new people. Which they have little to nothing to loose other than a few cars or maybe a cheap house. I’ve been here for 6 months 4 of which I spent on civ grinding to get into a position where I have the money and resources to enjoy the last 6 months of 4.0 and 4.5, why would I grind for months get a load of money piled up and tons of GPU’s just to loose it before I can spend it and enjoy it to its fullest. I don’t want to spend another 3-4 months grinding to get into the same position in 6 months time when we wipe for 5.0… The people who are voting for a wipe who haven’t put long hours and days into grinding on civ, don’t see it from our perspective, they just see it as oh look civilians won’t be as mean or dangerous because they lost everything. Which in my opinion is really annoying. I play my fair share of cop and I love long chases, shootouts with civilians and majors, civs who just lost everything won’t be as inclined to do them for months again.
  2. Ben Winter


    I’m be real honest here, 4.0 was when I first joined Anzus and it was during a lockdown where I had plenty of time to grind and get my self situated for the rest of 4.0 and I don’t have the willpower nor time to do that all over again. It took me ages to get in a position where I can spend money on guns and stuff and just get on and have fun, by doing majors and doing cap points with friends. I am against a wipe even tho I may help with giving people more content and allow newer people to be on the playing field as everyone but for someone who spent 6 months to loose everything and then to do it all over again in 6 more months will honestly extremely discourage me from playing civ. For Question 2, I disagree with making civilians push, I play both civ and cop so I see it from both sides, Cops have the number advantage in most majors and they should utilise this, not to mention the other specialised equipment cops get that civilians don’t which makes pushes a lot better. Player Reports I’m 50/50 on, On one hand yes it would encourage people to report but there is also a downside, Most gangs monitor player reports to see if any members are being reported and also handle it internally to stop people giving them a bad name. I can’t say let’s go back to the 3.0 map because I never played on it. But I wouldn’t mind a map change. If it’s done right with no camping certain areas and having spawns stuff as green zones I’m down.
  3. Ben Winter

    Jake Winter - Prohac Vice

    To the Superior Court of Alaska I Jake Winter am requesting a Prohac Vice to practice law as such a time that the Bar gets back to me Best Regards, Jake Winter
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